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You made my month #1

Since I'm not posting so much in these days and I even didn't know why exactly (well... I'm always out actually so I know why xD) I decided to try something new. Maybe this will force me to post more often... we'll see. I dunno if it will be a thing to do monthly or weekly, I haven't decided yet.
Here there are 6(+1) things that made (in this case) my month!
I didn't know why I chose this performance. I love them all, expecially the Free Dance but this one...
I wasn't particulary into sports and mostly into Olympics because all my favourite TV shows are on hiatus
because of them and I hate to wait for my TV show when isn't summer and it's cold outside.
Then... one day... I saw a picture of those two and I got curious so I watched a few videos and basically...
I fell in love with them! They're adorable and because of them I forgave the Olympics!
And here we are again with Scott and Tessa... What can I say, just take a look at the pictures...
The other day I found an interview, this guy asked what are they thinking of while they're skating, Scott said:
"We just think of each other. I mean... I'm thinking of you... I don't know who do you think of...
I hope you're thinking of me"

Isn't he the cutest?
I don't know how but I'm AGAIN addicted to this song! I want to make a video with it but that's a weird song
Beautiful but weird! :)
Byron in a few episodes of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl become my favourite charachter on the show
He's amazing! I love his relationship with Bambi and with Ben! I love his style and I adore his voice!
And when he smiles he's so cute! <3
As I told you days ago I started to watch Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman cos I wanted
to see the episodes in English and because it was on air in Italy when I was a kid and I didn't know how
to say SQUEEEEE propperly. Now that I watched EVERY episode I can say: Gee... Those two have a
massive chemistry. That's AMAZING!
This is a simple quote as you can read but guys I CRIED like a flippin' baby the first time I read it!
In this chapter Craig talk about his parents and here he's talking about his father's last days! He speaks
about he and his mother with this incredible sweetness... his words reach your heart in a second.
This chapter of American on Purpose is so brilliant, well, actually the whole book is amazing.
You should read it! You'll laugh and you'll cry and you'll find your self loving Craig even more!
And btw, call me mad, but I already ship theMad Hatter & Alice AND the White Rabbit & the March Hare :P
Mia... you're so lucky!

I just wanted to say that I'm working (in my mind xD)on a HUGE post about my ships cos I don't like the list that I've made in "Scrapbook 2009" too easy... I want to do something HUGE and EPIC. LOLz. And I''ve done loads of icons, I'll post them soon! Uh... and I'm still working on my music videos too ;)!
Time to go to bed now! Read you tomorrow!
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