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14 March 2010 @ 06:16 pm
Friend's cut  
Sorry but I have to do this. I have too many friends and I don't have so much time for LJ so I can't read all your entries!
If you want to stay in my f-list please comment here!


Total comments: 4556
1erychan86 2184
2tazza_di_jo 214
3mrbartleboom 186
4eleblack 144
5xel1980 123
6jaded_jamie 118
7nschick 70
8uliamos 58
9diapadme 50
10mrsdianablack 46
11purely_distel 42
12river__ 33
13sallyna_smile 25
14garber18 23
15serenachan 20
16teruel_a_witch 20
17secretsmile90 19
18leviathan101 18
19lucythegeekgirl 17
20memberd 17
22asolitaryraven 16
23m_ouse 16
24divine_sarcasm 15
25abeterossoposts 15
26sanzina89 14
27immortalsdreams 14
28bi0cides 14
29cutebunny43 14
30lyly_hameron 13
31mici991 12
32epiclullaby 12
33sellega 12
34mattyroh07 11
35starlightmoonla 10
36lothl_rien 9
37bj_4ever 9
38sunnytyler001 9
39milusia 9
40larissa_j 8
41thegrownupthing 8
42m_vitto 8
43cifan70 7
44orlisroses29 6
45ally_cam 6
46phantomviola 6
47pookieandpookie 6
48idioticonion 6
49alexon_charm 6
50sometimescrazy 6
51peasantings 6
52thistwilight 6
53astudyinpanic 6
54inracne 5
55nuriwan 5
56naika7 5
57fairyfloss_love 5
58rageandpride 5
59snogged 5
60mabe85 5
61curexcomplex 5
62bicabowl17 5
63stope_4 5
64phantmgreeneyes 5
65i_candream 5
66_faeriequeen 4
67thisjuliet 4
68rain_polish 4
69kasha_g_sahhn 4
70novalee17 4
71timeblind 4
72coletness 4
73xskintandminted 4
74twinni_two 4
75terraswrath 4
76secondmezzanine 4
77rosie_not_rose 4
78joji_387 4
79raspberry_splat 3
80cytherea999 3
81johnsheppardluv 3
82danceonstardust 3
83ancientwhispers 3
84xbriyeon 3
85boo___you_whore 3
86tarnera 3
87scoob2222 3
88bokayjunkie 3
89otempora42 3
90octob3r 3
91ohsonoisy 3
92lady_xan 3
93chloris 3
94helygen 3
95saraxhp 3
96lilbailey 3
97michellemtsu 3
98littleyuzu 3
99xxshebeexx 3
100vicodin_martini 3
101tantrauma 3
102rabid1st 3
103logicisfailing 3
104mrsorange1987 3
105zooeyrye 3
106serrendipity 3
107her_lovelyheart 3

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So. If you aren't that active, or your name doesn't appear here, but you want to stay in my f-list leave a comment here! I'll be happy to "keep" you!
I'm sorry but I have to do this! :(
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Ery-chan: ten/roseerychan86 on March 14th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
Yep. It's about 90210... I don't even know why I watch it... well I know why... I laugh A LOT is the most stupid show ever! Trust me! I created that comm cos I think that the teacher is hot xD and I like the girl so... but I'm not into that fandom... I

I have fun watching it with a friend with msn open. :) that's it :)
The stories are s hilarious... so trashy xD

And I don't do cuts at all :D
I have to do it... as you can see I'm always MIA :( I want to be more active and I have to cut someone if I want to be it! :) But I'm so sorry that I have to do that :(
Katya: je-kissteruel_a_witch on March 14th, 2010 07:42 pm (UTC)
The stories are s hilarious... so trashy
I see, that doesn't sound very appealing, my soapiest show is Grey's Anatomy and I'm ok if it stays that way XD

Yeah, I get why people do that, I'm jumping out of my skin to keep up with my flist and it takes, like, MY LIFE to do that xDDD and still I only add more people because I just love Doctor/Rose corner of fandom so much XDDD (I actually only have Doctor/Rose shippers on my flist because I only hang out in that part of DW fandom and I don't participate in other fandoms XD)

Ery-chan: David Tennant  (Hamlet)erychan86 on March 14th, 2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
I only hang out in that part of DW fandom and I don't participate in other fandoms XD
LOL. Good Girl! ;)
Katya: ♥teruel_a_witch on March 14th, 2010 07:58 pm (UTC)
Heh, well, I came to LJ with the sole purpose of hanging out with International English-speaking part of Doctor/Rose fandom because I had been lurking there reading fic/enjoying fan art for almost a year anyway XD I didn't expect to be chatting about RL and even leading my own journal atm, it sort of crept up on me XDDD