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So, Doctor Who fans... ARE YOU READY FOR SEASON 5?
I know... you already miss David, me too but Doctor Who is the best fandom EVER and you can't just leave it, right? :)

I just posted a lot of pictures in my gallery at . Some are new (From Season Five... or One... I don't know) and other are from Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures... of course all the pics are in HQ ;) If you are interested you can find them all HERE
002 Season 5 5x01 The Eleventh Hour
006 Season 5 Promotional shoot #001
New Cast Announcement

006 Season 5 Promotional shoot #002 General Season 5
001 Season 5 Episode Unknown #01 11th Doctor Costume Announcement
038 Season 5 Episode Unknown #02
045 Season 5 Episode Unknown #03 20th July 2009
046 Season 5 Episode Unknown #04 21st July 2009
002 Season 5 5x01 The Eleventh Hour
022 Season 1 Promotional photoshoots
037 Season 2 Promotional photoshoots
038 Children of Earth Promotional photoshoots
224 Season 1 Episode Stills
117 Season 2 Episode Stills
122 Children of Earth Episode Stills
060 Season 1 Promotional photoshoots
038 Season 2 Promotional photoshoots
016 Season 3 Promotional photoshoots
232 Season 1 Episode Stills
106 Season 2 Episode Stills
146 Season 3 Episode Stills
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