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Music Video: Erica/Kai (Being Erica) - What Did She Say

I know, I know! Has been a while since my last post... Almost a month, maybe even more. Bare with me, life is keeping me really busy... I'm not complaining about that but I miss my networks and my virtual friends :(

Well, today I bring a music video! Sorry, this isn't a propper *new* video, the other day I was thinking about YouTube and the fact that it deleted my Will/Emma (Glee) video (you bi*ch) with this song so, I decided to make another one, the same one, with another couple: Being Erica! (I actually have another version with the movie Three to Tango  just because, you know, I love Matthew Perry xD but I don't think I'm going to upload it) and the couple is Kai/Erica just because they are way better than Ethan/Erica (sorry shippers)!

Erica/Kai - What Did She Say
(Being Erica)

Download & YouTube

Characters: Erica and Kai
Spoiler: Being Erica season 2
Song: Jason Derulo - Waht did she say
Clips from: Being Erica
Description: What did Erica say to Kai? That "it´s all for the best", of course it is <__< and did she really mean it? We'll se maybe in the next season... [Shut up Erica and kiss the boy, he looks a little bit like James Marsters, doesn't he?] and (Lyrics)

I hope to *come back soon* with a real new video! I have a lot of things in mind, I just have to find the time! :)
I can't wait for Season 3!
Please leave a comment! :)
You can also find ALL my music videos here:
Tags: !music videos, ship: erica/kai, tv show: being erica
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