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Picspam: Jeff/Annie [Community]

Hello, hi , howdy!
Am I actually back? I hope so!
Life is keeping me so busy in these days! It's all study study study and fun fun fun and work work work... pretty exhausting but don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying this mess!
But This post is not about my personal life so let's skip this stuff and let's talk about important things: TV SHOWS/SHIPS/PICSPAMS

Season 1 Picspam

I can't believe that I finally did it: First Picspm of 2010!So, as you can see from the banner, this is a "new" couple for me! They're Annie and Jeff from Community and I hope that while you're reading this you're nodding and saying "Yes Ery, I know them... they're so cute" 'cos if you don't know them SHAME ON YOU!
You have to watch community and not only 'cos Joel McHale is hot or because Alison Brie is adorable but 'cos the show is AWESOME! It's really fun! I recomande it, guys! Give it a chance and let me know.
Let's start with the picspam! :)

01. Pilot
Jeff: Look at me. It's clear to all of you that I am awesome, but I can never admit that, because that would make me an ass. But what I can do is see what makes Annie awesome. She's driven. We need driven people or the lights go out and the ice cream melts.

02. Spanish 101
Jeff: Milady.
Annie: Milord.

03. Introduction to Film
Seize the day!

05. Advanced Criminal Law
Jeff: Whoever made that crib sheet wasn't a real cheater. Just...insecure and naive.
Annie: I may be naive, but i'm not stupid.

06. Football Feminism and You
Annie: I've been following you. How much did the dean pay you to make Troy play football?
Jeff: I'm not having a conversation with someone who emerges from a bush.
Annie: Because I'm right?
Jeff: No. Because I'm not in a commercial for breakfast cereal. Look...the dean has pictures of me, okay? Horrible pictures of me... attending his school.
Annie: And for that you'd convince Troy to flush his life down football's toilet again? Britta's right, you are the most selfish person alive! And all that is gonna end right now. Because I'm telling him what kind of friend you really are.
Jeff: Maybe you should tell him you're hopelessly in love with him. High school must have been tough, huh? Waiting for a superstar to notice you. But he's all alone, and he needs so much help! Did you enroll in all of his classes, or were you worried that might freak him out? The important thing is that you are there for him. The important thing is that you are the only one there for him. And you don't really care what he wants... just as long as you don't have to share him with the rest of the world. Because, really, you are just as selfish as i am. You're just not as good at it yet.
Annie: You're right. I could never be as good as you. Probably because I actually care.
Jeff: Profound, but technically meaningless. And don't bother trying that thing that women do where they walk away and make the guy feel like crap, because it won't happen! yeah! Damn it.
Jeff: Hey.
Annie: Hey. I've decided to support Troy. They deploy things in football, right? I went for rhyme over clarity.
Jeff: Look, I'm, uh...i'm really sorry about before. I just think we were both wrong.
Annie: Really? because I'm an 18-year-old girl, and you made me cry in public.
Jeff: Mm. okay, maybe I was a little more wrong. I should grow up and make peace with being here. I mean, it's not like Greendale's gonna kill me or anything.
Jeff: This has the potential to be a uniquely Greendale experience. Milady.
Annie: Milord.

07. Introduction to Statistics
Annie: Are you coming to my Dias de los Muertos party?
Jeff: I'm definitely gonna try to swing by.
Annie: Then I can mark you down as definitely being there from 7:00 sharp till upside-down Spanish question mark?
Jeff: Here's the thing...
Annie: No, here's the thing. I am putting my foot down. You understand? I am being assertive, and I am making eye contact, and it is achieving results.
Jeff: Are you trying to get formidable with me?
Annie: It worked on Pierce.
Jeff: Infomercials work on Pierce.
Annie: Jeff, you're the cool guy, okay? If you show up, it'll be the first party I host where everyone doesn't say they need to get home in time for the news.
Jeff: This won't work. The last time you did this, I saved a vial of your tears and have been slowly building up an immunity.
Annie: I was so unpopular in high school, the crossing guard used to lure me into traffic. This party is a second chance to be... Hip. Cool! Laidback!
Jeff: Look, I will come to your party.
Annie: Thank you. I'm putting you down for two bags of ice and a sleeve of paper cups.
09. Debate 109
Simmons: * Little Annie Adderall *
* Was an outcast in high school *
Jeff: That's it. Dude, we are gonna debate the living crap out of you. We've got some preparing to do.
Annie: What do you think?
Jeff: Yeah.
Annie: Thanks.
Jeff: Us. Kissing. That is ridiculous.
Annie: Totally. We should get back to work.
Jeff: You know, maybe we should study alone.
Annie: Yeah.
Jeff: Separately.
Annie: That way we can be more reproductive... productive!
Annie: Bye.
Jeff: Bye.
Annie: Oh, you forgot your phone.
Jeff: Well, I can get another one.
Annie: We make an amazing team.
Jeff: I know. We're so in sync. It's like a perfect duet or great se...
Annie: He was horny. So he dropped him. Man is evil.
Annie: That off book enough for ya?
Annie: Well, I'm going this way, so...
Jeff: Well, um, congratulations, buddy.
Annie: Thanks, pal. Just pat me.

12. Comparative Religion
Chang: Turns out you... pause for dramatic effect... will be seeing me next semester.
Annie: Noooooooo!
Chang: In Spanish 102! Heh heh heh. Because he passed, you know. And I'm the only Spanish teacher.
Annie: Yay! I meant about Jeff passing. You being our Spanish teacher... Eh.

13. Investigative Journalism
Jeff: Are you a reporter?
Annie: No, they've got me editing the crossword Because I'm a girl. And because I love crosswords.
Jeff: Well, now you love the streets. You're my ace news hound.
Annie: Ace? You can do that?
Jeff: We can do anything we want. It's greendale. Now go find me that story.
Annie: Jeff, I hope you've got an army of raisins Because I've got a major scoop.
Buddy: Annie got an essay portion Annie gonna move her luscious fanny all day long
Jeff: Hey, buddy can sing, you guys. Wow, that's great. Annie's pretty young. We try not to sexualize her.
Annie: Hey...
Jeff: Annie, I'm sorry that I yelled.
Annie: I'm glad you did. It didn't even really occur to me what I was doing Until I saw how upset you were. And I never want to be the reason you're mad Because... You're jeff winger. So...Thanks... For getting mad.
Jeff: Well, it was nothing. I guess that's the upside, isn't it?

15. Romantic Expressionism
Jeff: Why is Annie talking to micro-nipples?
Britta: Did you hear? It's cute... Annie and Vaughn.
Jeff: Get to the cute part.
Britta: She's into him. She asked for my blessing.
Jeff: And you gave it?
Britta: Yeah. I'm done with him.
Jeff: Look, this isn't about you, you groovy hipster. It's about Annie.
Jeff: We got to do something.
Britta: Okay, even if I agreed with you, what are we gonna do?
Jeff: Well, I know if we say we disapprove, we'll just drive her further into his hemp-braceleted arms. We need to be smart. We need to hatch a scheme.
Jeff: This is what it was about for you? You were jealous?
Britta: Oh, please, you can't tell me that you weren't jealous that Vaughn had his hippie hands all over your debate/make-out partner.
Annie: What are you insinuating? I took that kiss for the team.
Jeff: What?
Jeff: Yeah, that kiss wasn't for pleasure. It was strategic and joyless.
Annie: What?
Jeff: All right, all right, maybe we're not a family. Maybe it's more complicated, because unlike a real family, there's nothing to stop any one of us from looking at any of the others as a sexual prospect.

17. Physical Education
18. Basic Genealogy
Annie: How much effort do I rate?
Jeff: For you? Um, I'd break a light sweat.
Annie: Good, I need a favor. Help pierce with his stepdaughter?
Jeff: You're becoming dangerous, Annie. It's those doe eyes. Disappointing you is like Choking the little mermaid with a bike chain.
Annie: So why are you talking to me about it?
Jeff: Because... You're...You know...
Annie: A decent person?
Jeff: Maybe.
Annie: And you knew that talking to me about it Would make you feel like a bad friend? And you wanted to feel like a bad friend, Because you wanna be a good friend?
Jeff: You really suck, you know that?

24. English As A Second Language
Annie: We're all gonna spend the next three days boning up. Then pass the exam and move on to Spanish 103.
Jeff: That sounds like a good ending, Annie, Except for the part where I take Spanish 103.
Annie: What do you mean?
Jeff: Spanish 102 fills my language requirement.
Annie: I guess I just figured we're a Spanish study group So we'd keep taking Spanish together.
Annie: Okay, if we're not interested in Spanish 103 next year, What about anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology?
Jeff: Annie, I'm not big on planning ahead, but I have one unmovable
appointment may 23, 2013. I have a table for one at Morty's steak house. Where I will celebrate becoming a lawyer again, Which can only happen if I take a full load. Don't. A full load of classes every year. I can maybe make it until then. But not by building my schedule around bffs.
Annie: We'll build ours around yours.
Jeff: Shirley, what did I tell you? Don't play into her ploy for attention.
Shirley: Oh.
Jeff: What does it say?
Shirley: Uh, she--she says she's fine. And this isn't a ploy for attention. She's sorry. She does need to grow up. Starting by making things right with Chang.
Jeff: Oh, no.
Shirley: What?
Jeff: He'll kill her.
Chang: Whoa. Winger, what the hell?
Jeff: What was that screaming?
Annie: Jeff, I can never forgive myself for what I did.
Jeff: Look, I treated you like a child For having feelings. Maybe because that's, you know, when I stopped having them. But you shouldn't. You don't have to be a kid to admit that you like people. And you don't have to dress like this to grow up. You--you look like a travel Agent.
Annie: You don't like it? I was going for more of a Professor thing.
Jeff: What? Why?
Annie: What?
Jeff: Nothing.
Jeff: Still, we should plan for the worst-case scenario.'cause if we do all pass, that means next year, We won't have a class together. So we're gonna need a backup. Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology? Anthropology?

25. Pascal's Triangle Revisited
Annie: Wait, Jeff. I'll walk with you.
Jeff: Uh... I got class in, like, five hours, so...

Annie: I can't believe I made it through my first year of college. I finally get to click send on so many "I told you so" emails.
Jeff: Yeah, it's pretty great. Not much could ruin today.
Annie: Please don't tell anyone until after I'm gone. I'm not just going to Delaware for the summer. I'm transferring with Vaughn.
Jeff: What? When did you decide that?
Annie: I spent three months researching backpacks before I chose the one that I use now. I don't want to be that person anymore. I want to live in the moment.
Jeff: Well, for your and Vaughn's sake, I hope it works out. But on behalf of the rest of the group, I hope it's a catastrophe. You better visit.
Jeff: We're gonna miss you.
Annie: Yeah, you're the one that didn't even want me in the study group.
Jeff: Come on, that's not true.
Jeff: I thought you left.
Annie: I couldn't go.
Jeff: What happened?
Annie: I guess as we were driving away, I finally started living in the moment, and I realized that, in the moment, Greendale is where I belong.
Annie: What are you doing out here?
Jeff: Oh, you know... Britta and Slater told me they loved me.
Annie: Really?
Jeff: Yeah.
Annie: What did you do?
Jeff: I ran away. I don't know. It's hard. Slater makes me feel like I do when I write my new year's resolutions. She makes me feel like the guy I want to be. And britta makes me feel like the guy I am three weeks after new year's, when I'm back to hitting my snooze button and screening my mom's phone calls... back to who I really am. So... Do you try to evolve... or do you try to know what you are?
Annie: I don't know. I wish I could live two lives. One of me would go with Vaughn, and one of me could stay here.
Jeff: Yeah, one of me could be back with Slater, and the other could try it with Britta. And then we could all get together for some weird foursome. Um, I guess I got to... got to deal with it.
Annie: Good luck.
Jeff: Um... I'm glad you're staying.
The End.

I hope you liked it! :)
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