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I had to cut them but now I'm happy!

Yesterday I cut my very long hair!

This is huge for me because I always had long hair and now they're short and I have to share some pictures 'cos the're so pwetty! :)
I've always wanted to try something like that. And YES there is a pink hair lock! Cute isn't it? I feel a little bit like Claudia, the chick from Warehouse 13! I think I'll start to say "dude" more often :D

My hairdresser is my best friend' sister and when it comes to hair I trust only her!
When I told her I was thinking about cutting my hair a lot she said:" WHAAAAAT? Are you kiddin' me? I always wanted to cut your hair but you were always like OMEG GO AWAY WITH THOSE SCISSORS" but she looked into my eyes and she understood LOL it was actually that intense, the time stopped around us because HISTORY was about to be written (LOL I'm being a little bit extreme here) So, she took her scissors and cut, just in case I changed my mind later since I had other things to do to them. I had to - as I call it - kill the curl. I have curly hair and there is this gel-thing that make them straight but really straight, the kind of straight that remains after loads of showers!
I'm proud of myself because I didn't cry. I liked it from the beginning and even this morning I was still happy to see them short!

So, what do you think? Do you like it?
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