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Ship Meme, Day One: Current Favourite Ship

I saw this meme at danceonstardust and I thought that it would be a nice meme to do since today I'm in a MeMe mood and I decided to try to post more often.
So: MeMe Time, folks, let's start with day one:

Oh, that's easy! I have no doubt about it!

Jack/Aliena - The Pillars of the Earth
Nothing seemed very important anymore except the Princess.
He was single-minded about her. He was enchanted. He was possessed.
He was in love.

animation made by erychan86


You saw that coming don't you?
First I have to say that I was lucky to do this meme in summer time since I'm not watching too many shows otherwise I would have to think about it a lot... or maybe not, since now they're in the TOP 3 of the ship I love.
I love them in the show but I ADORE them in the book!

Favorite Jack/Aliena moment from the book.

There are so many moment I loved in the book. Almost every one after they started to talk about books since untill reunion in France! They're so epic but this moment made me actually hug the book, I'm not kidding, I'm the kind of person that hugs things and I hugged the book. I remember I was in bed and I started to hug it and I sayd "Awww that's so amazing" and I kicked my blancket and the I read it again and again! (Well I remember it 'cos it was 2 weeks ago, my memory is not that good)

“I forgive you,” he whispered. He drew her to him, and she let him put his arms around her again.
It was so comforting.
She felt him shudder. Anxiously she said: “Do I disgust you?”
He looked at her. “I adore you,” he said. He bent his head and kissed her mouth.

This scene wasn't in the show. They cut it and it wasn't a smart move in my opinion! Maybe Jack will descover it in the last two episodes in another way so he would understand Aliena's behavior. I don't have any idea but it's still possible since they changed a lot of things so far.

Favorite Jack/Aliena scene from the show.

I'd say the second kiss - that is actually the first kiss in the book! Here, as in the book, he starts to tell her a love story  BUT in the book Aliena doesn't understand that he's talking about his love for her, instead in the show both of them tell the story together about what happened to him and his soul when he died for a couple of days (don't make me talk about that scene please). Then he kiss her so suddently and it was such a beautiful kiss.

animation made by erychan86

Jack: There once was a very brave knight.
Aliena: Who...
Jack: Who... Who went into battle and received a mortal wound. And as he lay there, dying, his soul...
Aliena: Flew to the house where there lived a woman...
Jack: That he loved.
Aliena: Yes.
Jack: And his... His soul ate with her and slept with her and was so filled with longing for her...
Aliena: He flew back to his master and brought him back to life.

IN THE BOOK: She was mesmerized by the intensity of his gaze and the power of the young squire’s love, and she hardly noticed that Jack was holding her hand. “He said to her, ‘I love you dearly,’ and kissed her on the lips.” Jack leaned over and kissed Aliena. His lips touched hers so gently that she hardly felt it. It happened very quickly, and he resumed the story instantly. “The princess fell asleep,” he continued. Aliena thought: Did that really happen? Did Jack kiss me? She could hardly believe it, but she could still feel the touch of his mouth on hers. “The next day, the squire asked the king if he could marry the princess, as his reward for bringing home the jeweled vine.” Jack kissed me without thinking, Aliena decided. It was just part of the story. He doesn’t even realize what he did. I’ll just forget about it.

That's it! Day one is done! See ya tomorrow with Day Two: What was your very first ship?

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Day 29 - What ship had the best proposal?
Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever?
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