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Big Revolution: From Sea to Earth!

Finally I did it! I changed layout, colors and almost everything on my LiveJournal Page.
I couldn't stand that colors anymore and I was tired of all that headers made in that way too so, for now, I have only 5 headers but just for now! I have to find some pretty pictures in my messy folders! I'll do it soon!
Dwight would be proud of me since I used Earth colors for this version!

Check it out!

What do you think?
So this is "I'm Still In Love With You" version 2.0 and we have another Journal Subtitle "We Love Untill We Bleed" Here the new headers!

And two new gifs in the sidebar! Annie/Jeff from Community and Jim/Pam from The Office! I deleted Clark/Lois, Chuck/Blair, Marian/Robin and House/Cameron. I wanted to make the sidebar a little less heavy!
I also worked a little bit on my Scrapbook 2010 (HERE) I changed the images in the ship section and in the crushes section. Last time I edited it was months ago! I think it was April...
Big day ah? Now I can go to sleep happy! :P
Tags: !scrapbook, fanart: headers, people: david tennant, people: john krasinski, people: jon hamm, ship: jim/pam, ship: ten/rose
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