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Ship Meme, Day Twenty-Five - A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out?

Hi there!
Happy monday guys! :)
Yep I'm full of energy today! I spent the morning swimming (which I LOVE) and I "stole" half an hour training because the swimmingpool was almost empty so I trained for one hour and an half and now I'm feeling so good! I also did a free shower because I was the only girl in there and the cleaning woman gave me a free coin just like that! I also met an old friend from school and we will see each other every monday from now on. He's such a great guy! We were very close at school!
But it's not over yet, I have a date with a fireman! He asked me out (finally) today! This week started pretty good isn't it? :)

Back to the meme! I know some members of the Shippers Club will not approve my choiche :P

OMG she's so cute when she says "Sheldon is hugging me".

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Sheldon/Penny - The Big Bang Theory
You know, people think you're this weird robot man who's so annoying all the time -- and you totally are --
but then it's like that movie WALL-E at the end.
You're so full of love and you can save a plant and get fat people out of the floaty chairs...

animation made by erychan86


I know they can't be a couple because that will change Sheldon and I love Sheldon the way he is. But I think they are cute, mostly because I LOVE Kaley and Jim (btw congrats on your engagement Jim YAY) I love every scene they have together. It's hard to explain because I ship them but I know that it can't be possible and I'm ok with that - as long as there are good fanfictions out there - I don't want to see them together because the writers would ruin them forever. That would be lovely tho having an episode with Sheldon out of his mind making a move on Penny but nothing more that that. Yes, it's a weird way to ship a pairing! I'm aware of that! :)

Favourite Sheldon/Penny Moment

I love every episode with Sheldon and Penny alone! They are hilarious! My favourite episode is 3x08 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency the one with Sheldon and Penny at the hospital, expecially I love in the end when they came back home and she asks him to sing 'Soft Kitty' to her!
LOL! Soft Kitty! I hope the writers will put this song in season 4 too!
But my favourite moment is in season 2. 2x21 The Vegas Renormalization the one with Leonard Raj and Howard in Las Vegas and Penny at home Sheldon, who has locked himself out of the apartment. He's so sweet! :)

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Sheldon: Penny?
Penny: Yeah?
Sheldon: Thank you for letting me stay here.
Penny: You're welcome sweety.
Sheldon: Ok I'm sleepy now. Get out..
animation made by erychan86

Soft Kitty: SEASON 1 | SEASON 2 | SEASON 3 | BEST SCENE EVER (Bazinga)

This will be random because I have no idea how to answer this one: Day 26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving?
I think I never have hated a pairing at first and then changed my mind about it. Maybe there was a pairing I didn't care and I ended up loving it after a while, I don't know, I'm not sure about that either! I'm the kind of person who finds someone to ship with someone else right from the beginning like in Hellcats after the Pilot I already wanted Dan with Savannah

Day 01 - What is your current Favourite Ship? Jack/Aliena - The Pillars of the Earth
Day 02 - What was your very first ship? House/Cameron - House
Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now? Jeff/Annie - Community
Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry? Castle/Beckett - Castle
Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry? Leonard/Penny - The Big Bang Theory
Day 06 - The best kiss? Barney/Robin - How I Met Your Mother (Sandcastles in the Sand)
Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene? Ten/Rose - Doctor Who (Doomsday)
Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage?Ross/Rachel - Friends
Day 09 - The most believable relationship? Jim/Pam - The Office US
Day 10 - Why aren't these two married in real life? Matthew Perry/Lauren Graham
Day 11 - What is your dream pairing? Alt!Ten/Rose - Doctor Who
Day 12 - Who had the best wedding? Jim/Pam - The Office (6x04 Niagara) / Monica/Chandler - Friends (7x24 The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding) / Marshal/Lily - How I Met Your Mother (2x21 Something Borrowed)
Day 13 - What is your favorite television/movie pairing? Christian/Satine - Moulin Rouge
Day 14 - What is your favorite book pairing? Harry/Clare - The Time Traveler's Wife
Day 15 - What is your favorite real life pairing? David Tennant/Billie Piper
Day 16 - What is the absolute worst pairing? House/Cuddy - House
Day 17 - A pairing you thought would never work out, but did? Sawyer/Juliet - Lost
Day 18 - What is the cutest pairing? Chuck/Sarah - Chuck
Day 19 - A pairing you've rooted for since the beginning? Damon/Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Day 20 - The "can't stand the sexual tension anymore" pairing? Eric/Sookie - True Blood
Day 21 - A pairing you like and no one else understands why? Sasha/Payson - Make it or Break it
Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why? Harrison/Sam - Popular
Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great? Jack/Kate/Sawyer/Juliet - Lost
Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly? Echo (Caroline)/November(Mellie)/Paul
Day 25 - A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out? Sheldon/Penny - The Big Bang Theory
Day 26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving?
Day 27 - A pairing that you loved and ended up hating?
Day 28 - A pairing that you will never understand?
Day 29 - What ship had the best proposal?
Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever?
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