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18 October 2010 @ 10:40 am
See you in another life, Brotha  
Hi guys I'm posting from the airport where I'm waiting for my flight for London-Stansted and I'm so happy, (I missed that place so much, just like you miss a friend or something more if you know what I mean, yes, I'm in love with a country and I can't do anything about it!) This is my first flight solo (LOL it seems like I'm going to fly the plane) and it's weird, I fell like a buisness woman although I don't have a suitcase and my jeans are not "appropriate" for that kind of woman.

For my flight I have a book and the second episode of Single Father on my Creative Zen and loads of MP3s so I think I'm covered! Althought i have to admit I coludn't resist yesterday night and I saw the second episode of Single Father on my computer at 2 am because I missed David already after a week and I didn't want to miss the episode since I' going to miss the 3rd part and I had the possibility to watch it in hq. I'm so glad I did it! It was a stunning episode expecially the last minutes. Oh I ought to thank these minutes because, thanks to them, I made an awesome dream :D! As I was saying I'm leaving alone but I won't be alone in UK, valexina and mrbartleboom will be waiting for me and the first thing we'll do will be go to rent a car, road trip, baby!
Actually we already rented it so we're just going to pick it up. Oh it will be so weird, drive in the wrong way... I'm so excited!
And the Shippers Club will have its first meeting after MONTHS! *massive excitement here*
See you in 9 days folks! I'll see if I'll be able to post something from my iPhone! I'm sure I'll post a lot of photos and updates from my Twitter account so feel free to take a look at it if you're curious!

Take care guys!
xoxo, Ery-chan
Current Location: Genoa Airport
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Current Music: Amy MacDonald - This is the Life