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*Ery is staring at a blank page thinking about how to start this post*


*Still thinking and staring*


*I think I may give up*


*This is kind of embarrassing*


*Okay, let's do it, you can do it Erika, yes you can*




Oh, whatever... It was WAY EASIER when I was posting just my music videos here so I didn't have to start a topic in the right way.. Too bad Youtube shut down my channel another time so I am "done" with it... I still start making them but I never finish them because my life, in the last year, changed COMPLETELY so I don't have so much time... even if now I've got a MacBook and I could do SO MUCH MOOOOORE (sorry for the DW reference... My life has changed but I'm still a nerd :) )

I could give you 3 options and wait for you to guess but I don't think is going to be that funny so I will tell you right away!

I have got a new job now... And so far nothing strange, right? Well I work on a 86mt yacht and I live half of the year in Florida and the other half in Italy... How about that? I cannot say who the owner of the yacht is but be certain you know him... After all we always "know" very wealthy people thanks to the gossip magazines or the newspapers... :)

So now my life is all about following the summer around and see a lot of amazing places in the World... I am a very lucky girl... And, on board, I also find the best boyfriend EVER... I must have done something right in my life to deserve such a great change!!! :)

I promise that soon I will write down the story of how I got the job and how I got the boy as well... And I will also post some photos of the places I visited ;)

Bye for now.

Xs~Os :)

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