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On the other side

Hello, little update on Ery's business.

I am back in America for a couple of weeks now... It is holiday time... finally. Working through the whole month of August made me feel like this year we had no summer. Don't get me wrong I was already used to- after high school - having just a couple of weeks away from work to enjoy the awesomeness of summer, but it is definitely different when you are stuck inside an 86mtr tin can with not that many chances to go out, even for a couple of minutes, and feel the warmth of the season on your skin.

But no more complaining now. I am on holiday.

Eric (the Boyfriend) and I spent a couple of days up in the Adirondack Mountains, specifically in the town of Lake Placid. Such a beautiful place. I wasn't expecting that. I will follow up with photos soon enough. I promise. :) We spent 3 days at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in a splendid room with a view overlooking the lake. That was awesome. Great location, great service and fantastic resort. Highly recommended if you decide to go over there... It is a 4 to 5 hour drive from New York (JFK) and I think it's worth consideration... :)

Now we are in York, PA for another couple of days and then, the next stop will be New York. We are going to spend a couple of nights in the City and then... The Hamptons... Pretty exciting!!! Now I am seeing all these places I always wanted to see because of all the TV shows I watch... It is amazing for me to be able to visit them and enjoy them this way... Not just as a tourist, but in the company of someone who experienced on his skin the life I wanted to live. It is amazing. And even for him now, seeing these places through my eyes, it's something different.

We spent hours the other day in the hot tub in the hotel talking about the average life of an Italian and my experience of American life through TV. It was amazing for him to realize that something that for him that was so common and normal was so incredible for me. And also the way we grow up, in two realities that are so different from one another that it seems as if one is the opposite of the other... He is full of hope for the future where everything is possible... and it seems I lost that hope the moment I was born because, my being Italian deprived me of that. We don't have hope for the future, we don't live our lives, we simply go through them, just trying to survive.

But I don't want to talk about that now. I just want to enjoy this amazing holiday. So that's it for now.

Peace out.


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