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Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

On March 2012, to celebrate like teens our 7th monthversary, Eric and I decided to leave the Land of Today, where everything is serious and quite boring and enter the World of Yesterday where we are still kids, Tomorrow the place where everything is possible, and Fantasy where magic is true.

It was a great getaway from the Boat and all its drama, and also a memorable weekend.

Here some pictures :)


Our day started with a human sized Pluto and that got me pretty excited. I love Pluto. I love his stories except of the ones with Chip and Dale… I don't like them very much! I find them boring.

The Castle it's over there and I cannot stop thinking about Eddie Izzard and his "they actually got 'em there… you might have to make them a little bit bigger" xD


We walked with the crowd and suddenly it's show time. A parade spontaneusly begins and I have to admit it was quite good but at the same time disappointing… I would have expected to see more Disney Disney character you know… the "original" ones but there was a lot of "extra people"… minor characters in my opinion… If it makes any sense...


And the Host is here. Now… I have got a thing… Don't get me wrong I love the trio… and with the trio I mean: Mickey, Donald and Goofy. They are great together and I know why… Because when he is with them, Mickey has got flaws. When he is by himself instead he is PERFECT… I don't like my beloved ones to be perfect… I want them full of flaws.


And finally here he is. My favorite above ALL. THE ONE AND ONLY! Ladies and Gentlemen: DONALD DUCK!
He is the best. Nothing else to say. Nothing!


The day was pretty spectacular. The weather was amazing: sunny but not to hot… Lovely day... Lovely day indeed!


We ran around all day long… Queues were longish but not terrible and there was always something there to distract you.
This ride over here was the second best of the day. The best ride EVER will always be SPACE MOUNTAIN… I don't have photos of that unfortunately, because while I was on the queue I was too busy freaking out and during the ride it was too dark… It was awesome though!


There were rides and loads of other things to see and do. Like the most amazing Tree House you will ever see from the Swiss Family Robinson story.


Or little shows, great for when you needed to rest your legs for a little while without feeling like you were missing something :)


And of course. Great shops and restaurants.
LOL I just noticed that in this pic looks like I am giving Stitch something to drink xD


And, wherever you go, you are surrounded by all the characters that kept you company while you were growing up.


Awww… Pretty Princesses!


Bye Bye Castle. You were and still are the Home of all my Dreams.

It was a pretty damn good day. Too bad it was too cold in the evening so we had to leave before the fireworks… Next time… Bye for now Magical Land. I will see you soon.
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