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From Ms. to Mrs.

Good Old Britney Spears used to sing “I'm not a girl, not yet a woman” these days for me are over now that I am married. I am officially a grown up. I have been welcomed to the Real World... So far it's pretty similar to my LaLa Land World though... I wonder...

Eric and I got married a month ago in St Simons Island, Georgia and we spent the Honeymoon on the Island, playing home in a nice apartment close by everything that matters (Beach and Starbucks).


We had a very small ceremony, the party was composed of: The Groom, The Bride, The Good Reverend, The Brother and the Sister-in-Law of the Groom (Witnesses), The Photographer (as essential as the Reverend) and 200 uninvited kids. Yep... 200 kids crashed our wedding... Well – if you want me to be honest – it was the Wedding Party that crashed their Summer School Camp.

We decided to get married in Neptune Park, a public park, on a tuesday morning, thinking that we would only meet the random dog walkers... but as soon as the Bride stepped out of the Nuptial Jeep, the Groom received a Phone Call from the Photographer: “Ahem... I know it's none of my business, but... did you guys invite a flock of screaming kids?”

The Groom had a moment of panic and the letters W.T.F. Appeared in his thoughts. Poor guy... Not the best day of his life so far... not only did he have to wear a suit on a friggin' hot day, he also had to tell the bride that the park, which SHE chose as location for HER wedding, was experiencing a major invasion.

Can you imagine his surprise when she shrugged her shoulders and started walking into the park like 'no big deal'? I am still surprised... and I was the bride.

You know how things at weddings (and when you have to take a flight) always get super complicated and tend to go totally wrong? Well... let me tell you a secret from the hight of my marital status: you should always opt for a very small wedding... Because, when your wedding throw you a curve ball (and it will) you will have no reason to freak out...

Enough with the wisdom now.

We had a beautiful wedding under the shadow of a majestic tree in the most beautiful park ever. The words the reverend used to describe the adventure Eric and I are embarking upon were wise and enlightening. We exchanged our own vows and everyone was moved by our words... Even the reverend who started getting all choked up toward the end of my vows, that made us all to burst into laughter.

It was a memorable day, how it should always be. A very good place from which to start our life together as husband and wife.

Eric and Erika, 6 May 2014, St Simons Island, Georgia

Exchanging Vows in Neptune Park
The Rings
The Kiss
Let me take a Selfie!
Avenue of The Oaks
Happy Wife Happy Life
Happy Happy
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