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Note to future self

Dear Erika of the future,
I write you to share my wisdom (which is also your wisdom *high five*) about a very important matter.
You always said one thing "I will never get married and never have kids" and now look at you, married to the best guy ever (because I am sure we will still be married with Eric by then) so, half of your proposition is now down the toilet.
We agreed already not to start a sentence with "I will never" ever again, because every time we say that, the opposite happens (but I hope you will be able to forgive me if I keep saying "I will never win the lottery").
So you know that in the future you will probably have kids... You will spend 9 months having weird food cravings at crazy hours, you will cry watching the Telly (so far not that different from what your past self is doing now *wink wink*) you will skip your period for a long time (Fuck yeah!) and then there is the Giving Birth Thing that - for as much as I know - is a pain you will forget about... (but let's be honest... You won't forget that and what comes after in the days ahead, right? It is a big fat lie... Did they make you sign something and now you have to say that thing to other women otherwise they will take away from you the most important thing you have? Did they threaten to destroy our David Tennant DVD collection?)
After all that you will have a kid... She/He will go to school, meet friends, have fun, watch all the important TV Shows they were airing when you were in your 20es, she/he will call hers/his first toy Space Ship "Serenity" and will walk around with a brown coat, she/he will build a meccanic dog and she/he will name him k-9, her/his imaginary friends' names will be Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachel and Phorbe she/he will suit up and say leggen-wait for it -dary,... And all the awesome things you will teach her/him while daddy is not watching... And when he/she will be a grown up you will have to suggest her/him just one thing;


He/she will save money, see the world, get though having to deal with guests and crew and she/he will be able to actually know what does mean to BE FREE!

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