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06 September 2014 @ 04:53 pm
Doctor Who Season 8 - A new Doctor  
What a month, guys!
These are, without a doubt, the most deserved four days off I've ever had!

After I cought up with some sleep, I finally managed to watch the first two episodes of Doctor Who Season 8.
I know I am a couple of weeks late, but the lack of propper internet access forced me to delay my first encounter with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor.

As everyone here knows David was and will always be my Doctor and - after he left - I thought I would have never liked any other Doctor ever again, but I am starting to change my mind...
I have never been crazy about Matt Smith (very unpopular opinion, I know but that's how I feel) but that is probably because he came after David... But now I have to admit I like Peter Capaldi a lot... Maybe this will make me reconsider Clara as well... who knows...
I think that Peter nailed the Doctor since episode one. I am already getting addicted to the way he moves his hands... do not even let me start about his accent and voice though, I could go on and on for hours probably.

So for me this is a HELL YES! Capaldi has been APPROVED!!!

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