Ery-chan (erychan86) wrote,

My Friends have Super Powers

It doesn't matter how bad my day/week/month has been.. If I manage to be able to jump on a train (or on a plane) and go visit my friends, I can be sure I will soon forget every injustice, every mean word, every sad moment that made me mad or upset...

You see ,my friends have a super power... They are able to "recharge my batteries". They make me see things under a different light, they make me understand how lucky I am to have them in my life and they make me feel I worth it.

Even when at work people treat me like I am nothing, I just need to think about them and how awesome they are and the fact that they love me and I feel like I am in control again and I can handle another day!

They are one if the best things in my life and I just wanted to write down how grateful I am.

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