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03 August 2015 @ 05:33 pm
fanfiction [stitchers] cameron x kirsten - one last selfish night / chapter 2 of ?  
Yep... Chapter number two baby... I am on fire!
If there is a good thing about being on a not very busy charter is that I have 4 hours breaks and, since I am stuck in my cabin, I can work on fanfiction and/or videos. It's not like I can go anywhere anyway...


Fandom: Stitchers
Ship: Cameron x Kirsten
Summary: AU where Cameron drives Kirsten home to Liam, after they have solved the case about the physics (ep 1x09); he meets Camille on her way back home from having dinner with Linus' parents, which didn't go as well as we thought.
Spoilers: 1x09
Notes: This is a Camsten fanfiction, so do not worry about the fact there are a lot of scenes with Cameorn and Camille at the beginning, I just love the drama, and I like to make *my puppets* suffer before getting their happy ending.
Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters or Stitchers... but lol, I wish I did!

Cameron realized it was Friday in the exact moment he parked outside the door of a club called “Inferno”. He could not see the end of the line. At the door, a huge bald guy with a braided beard and sunglasses, was towering over all these poor lost souls.
“We are never going to get inside. Do you have anywhere else in mind?” He was about to start the car again when Camille put a hand on his forearm.

She was smiling at him like he just said something stupid and cute at the same time.

“Cameron. Come on. Do you really think a line and a guard dog can stop this...” she pointed at herself “...from getting in there?” she laughed.

Cameron didn't even have the time to think of an answer when she started taking off her long skirt.

“Wh...What are you doing?” He covered his eyes and turned his head.

“Calm down mom, I have outfit number 2 under this. Rule number one: always get out of the house prepared for anything. I need to show some skin if I want to get us in”.

She unbuttoned her blouse and messed up her hair giving it more volume. She moved the rearview mirror toward her the, and took her lipstick out of her purse. When she was done she sent a kiss to her reflection and moved her attention to Cameron, who was looking at her shocked. She moved a hand in the direction of his hair but he stopped her “Oh no no no no, my hair is perfect the way it is, thank you very much. Now let's go, shall we?”

She rolled her eyes with a smile and they got out of the car in the direction of the Inferno.

“Please tell me we're not going to tease anyone tonight”.

“What you don't know can't hurt you”. His mind went to Kirsten for a second. Did she say yes to Liam? He shook his head, Camille was walking faster now and she was already far ahead “Wait!” he yelled and he started running toward her.

Inside it was as hot as hell. The name suited the place almost too perfectly, also the music was as loud as a punishment. The club was crowded but Camille was on a mission, he lost sight of her in less than a second and he panicked. He started looking around when he saw her jumping trying to get his attention. He waved back and she pointed at the bar. When he reached her she was already trying to get the bartender's attention.

She asked Cameron, without even looking at him “What's your poison?”

“What?” he asked, not sure he heard her correctly over the music.

“What are you drinking?” she laughed looking at him.

“I don't know” he wasn't too much of a drinker to be honest. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. He was about to tell Camille they should get back home, when he saw a tall skinny blond kissing a very fit guy. The thought of Kirsten and Liam made his heart sink.

“Boiler Maker” he shouted. He didn't even know what it was, but he remembered one guy in college talking about how these things make you forget even your own name if you're not careful. And he wanted to forget, he wanted to forget everything that night. Even if only for a couple of hours.

“Boiler Maker” she repeated impressed “Okay, let's get this party started” the bartender was looking at her now “Hey you, Big Jim, here boy, two Boiler Makers and make them worth the wait”.

The bartender poured two beers and two shot glasses spilling some of the whisky on the counter. Cameron and Camille took their shots and raised them.

“Let's get charged” she said before dropping the shot glass into the beer glass, Cameron did the same following her lead. The beer was cold but the liquor set his throat on fire. He felt the blood rushing to his head and for a second Kirsten was as gone as the drink. “Another one” he said, Camille smiled and waved at the big bartender pointing to their empty glasses.

Kirsten was sitting on her porch, playing distractedly with her phone between her hands. Liam was gone and she knew she should have felt something. She tried to concentrate on the moment she just lived trying to remember what she learned about emotions from her previous stitches.

It wasn't supposed to work that way.

She kept concentrating. She wasn't feeling loss like she should have, it was more a sort of guilt maybe? She didn't want to hurt him but she did. He was a great guy but yes, he wasn't enough. Why? He was – as everyone else loved to say – Perfect.

He was very smart, more than average. He was good in the kitchen and in bed. He was as handsome as a GQ model... She smiled at the thought of Cameron saying that joke. He looked very nice tonight in his suit, she said she didn't want him there but she was glad he was. She stopped rolling her phone and dialed a number.

Camille was in the bathroom trying to find a way to keep her hair up. The place was extremely hot and the alcohol wasn't helping the situation. She looked at her reflection in the mirror: her cheeks were flushed and her eyes watery. She thought of Linus and his face when she started yelling at him, the way his smile disappeared from his eyes when she broke things off. They were never a couple officially but he was the most serious relationship she had had since forever, and she destroyed it. He would had be better off without her anyway: she was damaged goods and he had everything she never had. It wasn't meant to be. She needed to get him out of her system as soon as possible.

She was glad she founded Cameron outside her door, the idea of getting back into the house to see Kirsten and her perfect fiancee hugging on the couch, and having to congratulate them on their engagement wasn't something she wanted to deal with. She wasn't jealous, she was happy for Kirsten, if that's what what she wanted. She deserved something good in her life. God knows how horrible it would be not to be able to feel anything. She was hurting now, but she was still happy she could feel it. It didn't matter how shitty her past was and how much she suffered, she knew she was the lucky one between the two of them. Her thoughts got interrupted by her phone ringing in her purse.

Cameron was leaning on a cocktail table with a bottle of beer in his hand, his head wasn't as clear as a half an hour before, but a part of him felt like he needed it. His phone started vibrating in his pocket, as he reached for it the stone fell to the floor. He bent to reach for it like it was the most precious thing he had. When the stone was safe in his hand he moved his attention back to the phone and Kirsten's beautiful face was there, looking at him.

He stared at his phone still clinging to the stone.

“Liam asked me a question which I haven't answered yet. Therefore, there was nothing for me to report.”

Was there something to report now?

He wasn't ready to hear the answer. For now Kirsten was like Schrödinger's cat. As long as he didn't answer the phone Kirsten was neither single nor engaged. He didn't want to know. But he knew. She cared about Liam, she just wanted to be sure.

“Look, I have a hard enough time sorting out my past. I need to consider my future with a certain degree of caution. I want to be sure he's the one.”

He didn't want to have to congratulate her. She was now someone else's fiancee. Time to put his feelings for the impossible girl to the side. Friendship was all he had to offer, but not tonight. He needed one last selfish night. Tomorrow. He will be her friend tomorrow.

“Tomorrow” he whispered putting his phone back in his pocket.

Camille got back to the table just as he was putting away his phone. His lips were sealed in something she could only describe as pain.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. It was just Kirsten probably ready to share the good news” he gulped down his last sip of beer. “It's too loud in here... I will call her tomorrow to congratulate her”. He nervously rubbed the back of his neck putting the fakest of smiles on his lips.

“How do you know she said yes to Liam?” she asked pretending not to notice.

“I don't, but I don't want to be the one who opens the box”.


“Nothing, are you ready for another round?”

She finished her drink “Always”. Cameron waved at the waitress.

Kirsten was about to call again, it was weird for Cameron not to answer his phone. Another flash of him in the corpse cassette, she shook her head thinking he was probably in bed seeping... It had been a very long night... she guessed. She looked at the time on her phone. 2:13 am. Yes, probably he was sleeping. She suddenly realized Camille wasn't home yet. Probably she was staying at Linus's.

She had the place to herself for once in a long time and she wasn't tired, so she decided to work on solving Ed's riddle.

She took the key Ed left her at her mother's tomb into her hands and asked “What do you want me to remember, Ed?” Was it her mother? The way she died? Or was it her father and why he left her? She didn't even know if what she had to remember was something that happened before or after the car accident. Maggie had some of the answers, she was sure about that, but asking was out of question. She could not trust her anyway.

“You knew my mother?” She asked feeling the fever taking away her last bit of energy.

“I worked with her when I was first administrating the Stitchers Program.”

“But she never worked at the program.” Maggie was lying. That wasn't possible, was it?

“She did. In fact, your mother was one of the original designers of our technology along with Ed.” Was Ed involved with the program too? All of that made no sense. If he was part of the program, something he worked on - along with her mother - his whole life, why would someone have to kill him in order to get her to be part of it. He didn't want her to work for the program? Was Mr. Turner the one who gave the order to kill Ed? Was he responsible for the death of her mother too?

She fell asleep on the couch with all these questions running through her head.

Kirsten was awakened by the sound of her phone ringing, someone was calling her on a Saturday morning. That could only mean trouble. It was Linus.

“Hello Linus”

“Good morning Kirsten. Listen, I'm sorry to wake you up, but we kind of need you at the lab. Can you please grab Camille and get over here ASAP?”


“Tall brunette with a temper.... that shares the flat with you?”

“Yes I know who Camille is, I thought...” she stopped, maybe Camille got back home and managed to reach her room quietly for once “... never mind, we'll be there soon”.

As soon as she hang up she heard the familiar sound of keys trying to find their way into the lock. Camille made her triumphant entrance into the room. Her hair was messy and she wasn't exactly wearing what she went out in the day before.

“Good Morning....” Kirsten got up arms crossed with an inquisitive grin.

Camille jumped to the sound of Kirsten's voice.

“Oh, hey. What are you doing up?”

“We need to get back to the lab”

“On a Saturday?”

“No days off for the wicked murderers of Los Angeles”.

Camille kept walking toward her room “I'll be ready in 10”.

“Where have you been?” Kirsten asked when Camille was already in her room going through her drawers.

“At Linus” she lied.
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