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04 August 2015 @ 03:59 pm
fanfiction [stitchers] cameron x kirsten - one last selfish night / chapter 3 of 11  
Happy Season Finale Day Guys!!!
First thank you for reading this, it's my first fanfiction ever and I'm extremely happy you're enjoying it!
I have a few more chapters that are (almost) ready to go but, I don't know how long this story will be. I just want to say: everything that comes after this chapter is what I would love to see happening in episode 10. I won't change it after the episode airs... I might modify some parts to make it more interesting, but I have a story in mind and I am going to follow it.

Sorry, but we're not going to find out what happened that night quite yet. We are going to find out along with Kirsten, but remember... things aren't always as they seem. Again, this is a Camsten FanFic and I love the drama so be patient and do not worry :)

Thank you again for reading this!


Fandom: Stitchers
Ship: Cameron x Kirsten
Summary: AU where Cameron drives Kirsten home to Liam, after they have solved the case about the physics (ep 1x09); he meets Camille on her way back home from having dinner with Linus' parents, which didn't go as well as we thought.
Spoilers: 1x09
Notes: This is a Camsten fanfiction, so do not worry about the fact there are a lot of scenes with Cameorn and Camille at the beginning, I just love the drama, and I like to make *my puppets* suffer before getting their happy ending.
Disclaimers: I don’t own these characters or Stitchers... but lol, I wish I did!

“Why do people lie?”

Ed was reading the newspaper, his coffee mug in his hand. He lifted his eyes from the second page, Kirsten was looking into her bowl of cereal, she was so small she could not reach the ground with her feet and her arms were resting at the level of her shoulders on the table.

“Why do people lie?” Kirsten repeated still without lifting her eyes from her breakfast.

Ed folded the paper. Nothing interesting to read anyway, another girl killed not too far away from Mulholland Drive and no leads to follow for the police. The world was a sick place.

“Well honey, for a series of different reasons” he took a sip from his mug.

She raised her gaze her expression emotionless, as usual. He thought about all the reasons he lied to her and all the lies yet to come. All the bad things he did and he would do to protect her.

“Sometimes the truth is too painful and we want to protect the people we care about so we decide to lie” Ed's tone, always so sweet and caring, it was so soothing, she never noticed before.

“Kirsten... Kirsten...” Camille's voice brought her back. She was looking at her eyebrows raised, waiting for an answer. “Are you done with your breakfast?” Kirsten looked down at her half full bowl of cereal. “Yes I'm done” she said looking back.

“So, we should go, come on we are late” Camille picked up Kirsten's bowl and shoved a spoon full of soggy cereal into her mouth.

“You are the one who is late!” Kirsten replied “I have been ready for a while”.

“How would you know that? I said 10 minutes and maybe that is exactly the amount of time it took me... Come on. Where are these damn keys now?” She started taking everything out of her bag when Kirsten held them out in front of her nose.

“Looking for these?”

“Ha ha... Come on let's go now before Maggie sends the helicopter”.

When they arrived at the lab everyone was already there. The door to the elevator opened and Cameron looked in their direction without moving his head and went back to his papers. His hand started scratching his neck like he does when he's nervous. Camille lowered her head and walked to her desk without saying a word. Surprisingly that wasn't the first odd thing of the morning. First the lie – what was that about? - then in the car Camille kept looking at her like she was trying to figure something out and every time Kirsten caught her doing it she denied it.

Kirsten started walking toward Cameron's station. He saw her coming and he quickly grabbed something from his desk and hurried away, Kirsten slowed down, surprised by that, and stopped next Linus' desk. Cameron was now talking with a very confused Tim. The big engineer looked at Kirsten for a second before Cameron demanded his attention back by unwisely touching his arm.

“What's going on?” she said staring at Tim who was giving Cameron a intimidating look.

“We have a case” said Linus typing something on his computer, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

She rolled her eyes, and when she opened her mouth again to reword her question, Maggie stepped out of her office.

“Okay People. Enough with the long faces. Yes, it's Saturday morning and we all had plans, it may come as a surprise but I have a life too... but killers don't take the weekend off. So come on, everyone at their stations. You four, in my office, now.”

While Maggie was giving them some background about the case, Kirsten took a moment to look around the table. She was about to stitch into the conscience of the guy, so she would find out everything she needed to know soon enough.

Linus was quiet but his leg was moving nervously under the table, like he had something more important to do. He kept staring at Camille trying not to be caught: anyway Camille was way too concentrated on Maggie's report to notice, but not nearly as focused as Cameron. He was looking at the screen like it was the only thing in the room, his posture was different, usually he was very relaxed, that morning he was tense. His hair was messy, like messy for real, not styled to look that way, and it was obvious he didn't have much to sleep the night before. There was a weird energy in the air, and it wasn't her doing this time.

“... and this time I want Camille to guide Kirsten into Mr Olsen's memories”.

“What?” Camille asked surprised.

“Cameron suggested it a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's a good idea to have a backup just in case something happens to him during one of your field trips”.

“First: thanks for your faith in me and my skills” Cameron said taking it too personally, “Second: I changed my mind about it, it's too soon”.

“Yes, I don't think I'm ready... Like at all. I am very happy with my job.” She looked around searching for support.

“I'm sorry. Maybe I wasn't clear, I'm not seeking a consensus, I'm calling the shots here. Camille will be the one who will guide Kirsten into Mr Olsen and Cameron step to the side and help. This is my decision and that's final. Now, back to your stations, we don't have any time to lose”.

Camille was the first to flee the room followed by Linus, Cameron stayed behind to talk to Maggie but she just gave him a look and left the room. He closed his eyes and exhaled. When he re-opened his eyes, he noticed Kirsten was still in the room. She was looking at him arms crossed and head to one side, like she was studying him. She was in front of the door so there was nowhere for him to run.

“Tomorrow” he thought. “Today is Tomorrow”.

“What are you still doing here? Maggie said we need to go”. He said hoping to chase her off.

“It will take some time to get the stations ready, I just have to jump into my cat suit and you already have everything ready to go. Why didn't you return my call?” The question came out so quickly it seemed like it was part of the same sentence.

“I'm sorry I was tired and I fell asleep... You know nothing gets you as tired as going to an event so hot it could burn down the house” he smiled trying to pretend everything was alright. That was becoming a habit. Every-time he was around her he felt that pit in his stomach and needed to make a joke or say something clever to calm himself down, but that didn't always work, and recently, she started smiling back and that made things even worse, he needed to see that smile.

“It doesn't look like you had much sleep last night” she moved a step closer and he took a step back. She stopped, surprised.

“Um... So what were you calling me for? Should I say congratulations?” he moved his gaze to her finger. No ring.

“I said no. Liam left. It's over”

Cameron was hit by a mix of feelings. He did't know what to say.

“Cameron” Maggie called from the other room.

“I... I'm sorry. I have to go... “ He stopped on the door step. “If you want to talk later...”

“You know me, I'm already over it”. He looked back and he knew it was never that easy, not even for her.

“I'm just saying... I'm here... If you need me”.

“I know you are” she smiled. He felt like shit, she needed him and he didn't answer his damn phone. He had his phone in his hands and he decided not to answer. He was such a coward.

Maggie called again, louder this time. Cameron looked at Kirsten one more time. There was so much he wanted to say to her but he didn't know exactly what he wanted to say.

“As you said...”, she started walking back to the table to take her bag “...Maggie is waiting. Go.” He stepped out of the room.

Kirsten looked down at the lab and saw Camille looking up at her. When their eyes met she moved her attention back to her desk. There was something weird going on.

Kirsten came out of the changing room in her black suit. She looked up at Cameron's station and she heard him and Camille talking “... I don't know why I said it, she caught me off guard”.

“That's not good”. Cameron was worried.

“It's not like we did something wrong...”

He noticed Kirsten passing by. Her eyes on them.

“Hey... you... are you ready?”

That “Hey you” caught her off guard. He always had nicknames and other nonsense for her. “Yes” she simply answered “Yes I am”. She climbed into the fish tank.

“My dear crew, I won't be your captain today... I know, I know, don't be sad. To fill my boots we have today the lovely Camille” She burnt him with her eyes. “Okay, maybe not so lovely”.

Cameron started “Okay I need a go, no-go for...” Camille cleared her voice “Ahem”

“Sorry. The deck is all yours”. He took a step back.

“Okay guys, it's a Saturday and I know everyone has something better to do, even you Tim, so let's get it over with, everybody ready?”

Everyone said yes.

“Okay, Kirsten, let's do it.”

“I already like you better.” Cameron rolled his eyes and Camille tried not to laugh.

“Initiate stitch neurosync on my mark. Three, Two, One... Mark!”

Kirsten was now in Mr Olsen's mind. They were in an alley. It was dark. He was wearing a coat and a hat.

“Where are you Kirsten?” Camille asked. It was weird to hear her voice instead of Cameron's.

“I'm not sure. Looks like I landed in a gangster movie”

“What do you see?”

“I see Mr. Creepy hiding in the dark... He is waiting for someone. Wait...” Kirsten moved to have a better look at the person Olsen was spying on. “I see someone on the street. I can hear... music”

“What kind of music?”

“I don't know... Like the kind at the rave. There's nothing here to see, it's too dark, move me forward”.

“As you wish” Camille said and then, looking at Cameron “I understand it now, it's intoxicating” He chuckled. “Is that okay?” She asked Kirsten.

“I'm outside a club now. There's a long line outside... Olsen found another way to get in.”

“What's the name of the place?”.

“I can't see it... There's a guy at the door... He has... a long braid on his chin?”

Cameron and Camille looked at each other. “Okay Kirsten. Is there anything that can tell you what day is it?”

Kirsten gulped in surprise.

“What Kirsten, what do you see?” Cameron asked concerned.

“Nothing... I thought... He... He is looking for something but he can't find it. He's going back outside now. He's calling someone...”

“Kirsten we don't have much time”

“Wait... We're in his car now... I can just hear his part of the conversation... Oh No” she quickly inserted the pin-code and she was out.

She looked around for Maggie who was looking at her from outside her office.

“Fisher. Call Fisher now” Kirsten said in panic.

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