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icons [stitchers]

So the other day I made myself a gift and I bought a copy of Photoshop CC for Mac.
I didn't know making .gif was so easy with this version of the program...
This is how I spent some of my evening... Be ready because more are coming your way... :D

Icons from Stitchers: 1x05, 1x09, 1x10

001.ep05_002.gif 002.ep05_003.gif 003.ep05_004.gif
004.ep05_001.gif 005.ep09_002.gif 006.ep09_006.gif
007.ep09_005-(2).gif 008.ep10_002.gif 009.ep10_001.gif

Feel free to take as many as you want... just leave a comment if you do :) Thanks!!!

Bonus: bw001.gif
Tags: fanart: icons, ship: cameron/kirsten, tv show: stitchers
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