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Hello everyone... I wanted to share a pretty important event that occurred today in my life. This morning I had my interview at the USCIS for my Green Card and my application has been approved! I'm a step closer to become American... In 3 years I'll go through the naturalization process and that will be the final step, for now I just have to wait...

I can't believe it...

My husband and I started the process 6 months ago and it had been quite a journey. We had to get an attorney from the get go because our work situation (6 months in Europe and 6 in the US) was a complicated one to deal with and we needed someone to look after our interests while over seas, and we found the perfect guy. Actuallym I'm happy to say we found a lot of very pleasant people at the various offices we had to go to. I'll remember kindly the guy who took my biometrics in May. He was super funny and kind, and the officer who approved the application today was a brilliant human being, and I'm not saying this just because he stamped us with a big YES, but because he had been extremely nice. I hope some good karma will soon reach these people... It has been a good day, or - like Craig Ferguson would say - it's a good day for America! You got yourself a brand new resident today... and she's going to threat you right!

Just bought the most #vintage thing ever!!! And yes, I'm wearing a #suit because this morning I had my interview with the #uscis for my #greencard and my application has been approved... YAY! #becamingamerican #picoftheday #love #instagood #me #photoinaphoto #fujifilm #instaxmini8
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