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Monday Shows aka The X-Files Finale and other stuff

I love Mondays... Wait, let me refrase it. I love Mondays after 5pm. I love them because my TV Schedule is full (but not too full like on Tuesdays).
I thought to do something diffrent and share my thoughts about last night episodes.


The X Files
My Struggle II
S: 10 - Ep: 6
FOX - 8:00pm
I honestly don't know quite yet how I feel about this episode. I have to admit I was too excited during the days leading up to the final episode and I was expecting something different, so I'm still shell shocked about the whole thing.
All I can say is the episode felt totally rushed, it needed more than 45 minutes to unfold properly. This reboot of The X Files was a 6 episode arc so why did we find ourselves with 4 fillers in between the premiere and the finale? Wouldn't it be better to have a 2 episodes long finale? I wanted to see William, I wanted Mulder to do something more that just argue wth the cigarette-smoking man... And yes, I wanted more Mulder/Scully shippy stuff... xD

Sweet Kicks
S: 1 - Ep: 5
FOX - 9:00pm
I'm liking this show... I'm liking it a lot. I've always liked Tom Ellis even when he was engaged to Martha Jones (Doctor Who). The last episode was very interesting. Is Lucifer turning Human for real? He can feel pain now and he can bleed but he can still make people spill out their desires, how is that possible? And if he really wants Chloe to believe he's the devil, why doesn't he show her his face? Anyway... I'm glad Lucifer and Chloe are now in a Castle/Beckett situation where he's a consultant to the LAPD, but I can't wait to find out what's happening in hell and what's the story with Mazikeen (loved the coffee shop scene "This is my favorite place in the city. Look at them on their laptops, writing the next great screenplay, torturing themselves with dreams they know, deep down, they will never achieve. Reminds me of home." LOL) and with Amenadiel and I wonder if we're going to meet other angels and demons...

Jane The Virgin
Chapter Thirty-Four
S: 2 - Ep: 12
The CW - 9:00pm
I'm #TeamRafael so I'm not enjoying this season as much as the first one. The only thing that saved this last episode for me was the narrator who was funnier than usual. I'm not liking the whole Xo/Ro/MaybeBaby storyline either. Nope...

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Josh and I Work on a Case
S: 1 - Ep: 12
The CW - 8:00pm
I love Rebecca but I can't wait fot Josh to open up his eyes so that this embarassing mess can come to an end. I understand it's the plot of the show but it's getting ridiculous now. I'm also not understanding Greg right now. I know he has feelings for Rebecca (even though I don't understand how, since he can see how crazy obsessed with Josh she is, is he that damaged?) but he went too far on the last episode. Still I love all the characters (but Valenca) especially Darryl who's my spirit animal! The Shakira number was just hilarious! #ImAfraidOfHorses

The Blame Game
S: 8 - Ep: 12
ABC - 10:00pm
Call me a weirdo but I love when Castle or/and Becket get kidnapped and the others have to figure out where they are and go get them (even if they manage to take care of everything before the rescue team gets there), I love it as much as Alexix hates it :D ! This episode was really good. I'm very impressed with the show, even after 8 seasons it's still able to get me excited. I actually LOLed when both Becket and Castle left the gun unguarded. I would have taken the bullets out right away. I loved they were shown snipetts of video of what was happening in the other room creating a complete different story for the other group. And mostly I love how well Castle and Becket work as a team.

The Magicians
Impractical Applications
S: 1 - Ep: 6
SyFy - 9:00pm
I want to like this show but I don't know what it is, my brain shut off when I start an episode. I like the characters and the actors (Now my way of rating actors is based on the girl they casted as Clary on Shadowhunter she is The Worst, so if you can do better than her you're good enough for me) and the story seems good too so why I can't concentrate on it? It puts me to sleep... WHY?

Truth, Justice and the American Way
S: 1 - Ep: 14
CBS - 8:00pm
Just BORING... I hope this show will not get renewed for a second season and I'm still watching just because I want to see the crossover with The Flash. I find Jimmy Olsen extremely annoying.
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