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28 February 2016 @ 01:31 pm
star wars epidode vi: return of the jedi - han and leia picspam  
Time for the third and last part!!!


I might eventually do one for Episode VII The Force Awakend but I have to wait for my DVD to arrive... :)
Time for the Oscars... I can't believe Harrison Ford never won one... Anyway... Enjoy :D

001. Someone Who Loves You
I just love the way he sais "Leia" when she sais "Someone who loves you" like he's overwhelmed by joy and he can finally breath. In the books they had time to go deeper into their feelings. Leia put her duries aside to go save him and she's finally in tune with her feelings for him and Han went through a lot in the past 6 months, stuck in carbinite, something that changed him. I just love when we have character growth. They both went so far.
Leia: Just relax for a moment. You're free of the carbonite. You have hibernation sickness.
Han: I can't see.
Leia: Your eyesight will return in time.
Han: Where am I?
Leia: Jabba's palace.
Han: Who are you?
Leia: Someone who loves you.
Han: Leia.
Leia: I gotta get you out of here.

Men had gone mad, in these first minutes following decarbonization, hopelessly, utterly mad—unable ever again to reorganize the ten-billion individual images that comprised a lifespan into any kind of coherent, selective order.
Solo wasn’t that susceptible. He rode the surge of this tide of impressions until it settled down to a churning backwash, submerging the bulk of his memories, leaving only the most recent flotsam to foam on the surface: his betrayal by Lando Calrissian, whom he’d once called friend; his ailing ship; his last view of Leia; his capture by Boba Fett, the iron-masked bounty hunter who...
Where was he now? What had happened? His last image was of Boba Fett watching him turn into carbonite. Was this Fett again now, come to thaw him for more abuse? The air roared in his ears, his breathing felt irregular, unnatural. He batted his hand in front of his face.
Boushh tried to reassure him. “You’re free of the carbonite and have hibernation sickness. Your eyesight will return in time. Come, we must hurry if we’re to leave this place.”
Reflexively Han grabbed the bounty hunter, felt at the grated face-mask, then drew back. “I’m not going anywhere—I don’t even know where I am.” He began sweating profusely as his heart once again churned blood, and his mind groped for answers. “Who are you, anyway?” he demanded suspiciously. Perhaps it was Fett after all.
The bounty hunter reached up and pulled the helmet away from his head revealing, underneath, the beautiful face of Princess Leia.
“One who loves you,” she whispered, taking his face tenderly in her still-gloved hands and kissing him long on the lips.
Han strained to see her, though he had the eyes of a newborn. “Leia! Where are we?”
“Jabba’s palace. I’ve got to get you out of here quick.”
He sat up shakily. “Everything’s a blur…I’m not going to be much help…”
She looked at him a long moment, her blinded love—she’d traveled light-years to find him, risked her life, lost hard-won time needed sorely by the Rebellion, time she couldn’t really afford to throw away on personal quests and private desires…but she loved him.
Tears filled her eyes. “We’ll make it,” she whispered. Impulsively, she embraced him and kissed him again. He, too, was flooded with emotion all at once—back from the dead, the beautiful princess filling his arms, snatching him from the teeth of the void. He felt overwhelmed. Unable to move, even to speak, he held her tightly, his blind eyes closed fast against all the sordid realities that would come rushing in soon enough.

002. General, count me in
Here is where we begin to see how much Han changed.
We have stolen a small imperial shuttle. Disguised as a cargo ship and using a secret imperial code... a strike team will land on the moon and deactivate the shield generator.
Leia: Sounds dangerous. Wonder who they found to pull that off.
General Solo, is your strike team assembled?
Han: My team's ready. I don't have a command crew for the shuttle. It's gonna be rough.
Chewie: AAAAH
Han: I didn't wanna speak for you. That's one.
Leia: General, count me in.

“We have acquired a small Imperial shuttle,” Madine declared smugly. “Under this guise, a strike team will land on the moon and deactivate the shield generator. The control bunker is well guarded, but a small squad should be able to penetrate its security.”
This news stimulated another round of general mumbling.
Leia turned to Han and said under her breath, “I wonder who they found to pull that one off?”
Madine called out: “General Solo, is your strike team assembled?”
Leia looked up at Han, shock quickly melting to joyous admiration. She knew there was a reason she loved him—in spite of his usual crass insensitivity and oafish bravado. Beneath it all, he had heart.
Moreover, a change had come over him since he emerged from carbonization. He wasn’t just a loner anymore, only in this for the money. He had lost his selfish edge and had somehow, subtly, become part of the whole. He was actually doing something for someone else, now, and that fact moved Leia greatly. Madine had called him General; that meant Han had let himself officially become a member of the army. A part of the whole.
Solo responded to Madine. “My squad is ready, sir, but I need a command crew for the shuttle.” He looked questioningly at Chewbacca, and spoke in a lower voice. “It’s gonna be rough, old pal. I didn’t want to speak for you.”
“Roo roowfl,” Chewie shook his head with gruff love, and raised his hairy paw.
“That’s one,” Han called.
“Here’s two!” Leia shouted, sticking her arm in the air. Then softly, to Solo: “I’m not letting you out of my sight again, Your Generalship.”

003. Part of a tribe
Han starts to doubt himself here. Doubt it's not the right word but at the beginning he was so coocky with Leia and now he's just scared to loose her to Luke, his best friend. In the books he delivers this wonderful speech about what's really important in life.
Han: Wonderful. We are now a part of the tribe. Just what I always wanted.

“They shouldn’t help us ’cause we’re asking ’em to. They shouldn’t even help us ’cause it’s in their own interest to—even though it is, you know—just for one example, the Empire’s tappin’ a lot of energy out of this moon to generate its deflector shield, and that’s a lot of energy you guys are gonna be without come winter, and I mean you’re gonna be hurtin’…but never mind that. Tell ’em, Threepio.”
Threepio told them. Han went on.
“But that’s not why they should help us. That’s why I used to do stuff, because it was in my interest. But not anymore. Well, not so much, anyway. Mostly I do things for my friends, now—’cause what else is so important? Money? Power? Jabba had that, and you know what happened to him. Okay, okay, the point is—your friends are…your friends. You know?”
This was one of the most inarticulate pleas Leia had ever heard, but it made her eyes fill with tears.

004. Hold Me
This could totally be a scene stolen from the set of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.
Han: Hey, what's going on?
Leia: Nothing. I just wanna be alone for a little while.
Han: Nothing? Tell me. What's going on?
Leia: I can't tell you.
Han: Could you tell Luke? Is that who you could tell? I'm sorry.
Leia: Hold me.

She was crying and trembling and whimpering all at once, when suddenly Han stepped up and embraced her from behind. He’d gone looking for her, and heard her voice, and came around just in time to see Luke leaving—but only now, when Leia jumped at his touch and he turned her around, did he realize she was sobbing.
His quizzical smile turned to concern, tempered by the heart-fear of the would-be lover. “Hey, what’s going on here? She stifled her sobs, wiped her eyes. “It’s nothing, Han. I just want to be alone for a while.”
She was hiding something, that much was plain, and that much was unacceptable. “It’s not nothing!” he said angrily. “I want to know what’s going on. Now you tell me what it is.” He shook her. He’d never felt like this before. He wanted to know, but he didn’t want to know what he thought he knew. It made him sick at heart to think of Leia…with Luke…he couldn’t even bring himself to imagine what it was he didn’t want to imagine.
He’d never been out of control like this, he didn’t like it, he couldn’t stop it. He realized he was still shaking her, and stopped.
“I can’t, Han…” Her lip began to tremble again.
“You can’t! You can’t tell me? I thought we were closer than that, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe you’d rather tell Luke. Sometimes I—”
“Oh, Han!” she cried, and burst into tears once more. She buried herself in his embrace.
His anger turned slowly to confusion and dismay, as he found himself wrapping his arms around her, caressing her shoulders, comforting her. “I’m sorry,” he whispered into her hair. “I’m sorry.” He didn’t understand, not an iota—didn’t understand her, or himself, or his topsy-turvy feelings, or women, or the universe. All he knew was that he’d just been furious, and now he was affectionate, protective, tender. Made no sense.
“Please…just hold me,” she whispered. She didn’t want to talk. She just wanted to be held.
He just held her.

005. I Love You / I Know
Time for Han to receive the I Know Treatment.
Han: Are you all right? Let's see.
Leia: It's not bad.
Storm Trooper: Freeze!
C3PO: Oh, dear.
Storm Trooper: Don't move.
Han: I love you.
Leia: I know.

Han rushed over to her. “Leia, no!” he cried, trying to stop the bleeding.
“Princess Leia, are you all right?” Threepio fretted.
“It’s not bad,” she shook her head. “It’s—”
“Hold it!” shouted a voice. “One move and you’re both dead!”
They froze, looked up. Two stormtroopers stood before them, weapons leveled, unwavering.
“Stand up,” one ordered. “Hands raised.”
Han and Leia looked at each other, fixed their gazes deep in each other’s eyes, swam there in the wells of their souls for a suspended, eternal moment, during which all was felt, understood, touched, shared.
Solo’s gaze was drawn down to Leia’s holster—she’d surreptitiously eased out her gun, and was holding it now at the ready. The action was hidden from the troopers, because Han was standing in front of Leia, half-blocking their view.
He looked again into her eyes, comprehending. With a last, heartfelt smile, he whispered, “I love you.”
“I know,” she answered simply.
Then the moment was over; and at an unspoken, instantaneous signal, Han whirled out of the line of fire as Leia blasted at the stormtroopers.

006. I won't get in your way
Oh Han. I have to say I would have rather Luke and Leia not to be sibilings and for her to just go for Han because he is the love of her life.
Han: I'm sure Luke wasn't on that thing when it blew.
Leia: He wasn't. I can feel it.
Han: You love him. Don't you?
Leia: Yes.
Han: All right. I understand. Fine. When he comes back... I won't get in the way.
Leia: It's not like that at all. He's my brother.

Han was binding Leia’s arm-wound in a fern-dell when the Death Star blew. It captured everyone’s attention, wherever they happened to be—Ewoks, stormtrooper prisoners, Rebel troops—this final, turbulent, flash of self-destruction, incandescent in the evening sky. The Rebels cheered.
Leia touched Han’s cheek. He leaned over, and kissed her; then sat back, seeing her eyes focused on the starry sky.
“Hey,” he jostled, “I’ll bet Luke got off that thing before it blew.”
She nodded. “He did. I can feel it.” Her brother’s living presence touched her, through the Force. She reached out to answer the touch, to reassure Luke she was all right. Everything was all right.
Han looked at her with deep love, special love. For she was a special woman. A princess not by title, but by heart. Her fortitude astounded him, yet she held herself so lightly. Once, he’d wanted whatever he wanted, for himself, because he wanted it. Now he wanted everything for her. Her everything. And one thing he could see she wanted dearly, was Luke.
“You really care for him, don’t you?”
She nodded, scanning the sky. He was alive, Luke was alive. And the other—the Dark One—was dead.
“Well, listen,” Han went on, “I understand. When he gets back, I won’t stand in your way…” She squinted at him, suddenly aware they were crossing wires, having different conversations. “What are you talking about?” she said. Then she realized what he was talking about. “Oh, no. No,” she laughed, “it’s not like that at all—Luke is my brother.”
Han was successively stunned, embarrassed, and elated. This made everything fine, just fine.
He took her in his arms, embraced her, lowered her back down into the ferns…and being extra careful of her wounded arm, lay down there beside her, under the waning glow of the burning Star.
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