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Daredevil [Matt x Karen] Season 2 Picspam Part One (2x01 - 2x05)

Daredevil is back! Woooo!
STAY AWAY if you don't  want to bump into spoilers... And if you already watched past episode 5 DON'T SAY ANYTHING TO ME! :D
I'm taking my time this year and I'm just half way through it (actually not even there... I just finished episode 5) but I decided to take a break and post a picspam. Of course is a shippy picsmap.
I have to admit I the season didn't start in a great way... but then Matt and Karen started having loads of scenes together and everything changed for me... I know I'm some sort of a slut when it comes to romance :D

2x01 Bang
daredevil 2x01.jpg
Karen: God damn it.
Matt: What happened?
Karen: There goes my shutout.
Matt: Um, you're going for a shutout against a blind man? How do you sleep at night, Miss Page?
Karen: You don't get any sympathy from me, Murdock. I'm still not sure who's hustling who here. All right. Here's your cue. All right, you're lined up with the cue ball. Six is at your two, pocket straightaway.
Matt: Six and pocket two.
Karen: Fire away.
Matt: How'd I do? -
Karen: Well, you've got potential. All right. Here, go again. Six ball. Straight ahead. Just real soft. Come on, you've done this before. Just go for it.
Foggy: No!
Matt: That good, huh.
Karen: Sunk the eight ball
Matt: Well, something went in.

2x02 Dogs to a Gunfight
daredevil 2x02.jpg
Matt: I'm coming, I'm coming.
Karen: Hey.
Matt: Hey. Sorry, you startled me.
Karen: I didn't mean to.
Matt: Come in.
Karen: Uh, sure?
Matt: Of course.
Karen: Okay.
Matt: I, uh I heard what happened.
Karen: Yeah, I'm fine. No, uh, actually, I'm I'm barely holding on. I really don't enjoy being used for target practice.
Matt: Come here. I'm glad you're okay.
Karen: Me, too. How about you?
Matt: Uh, me, yeah, I'm fine.
Karen: Hair of the dog that bit you?
Matt: It's, uh, it's not what it looks like.
Karen: What does it look like? Sorry. No, I don't mean to pry. I just, I worry about you a little bit sometimes.
Matt: No need. No need. Appreciate it. There's no need to worry.
Karen: Yeah, you know that doesn't help, right? You denying that there's anything wrong.
Matt: Karen, let's not...
Karen: No, I How many times can I hear that you fell down the stairs, or you walked into a door?
Matt: Well, you know, I'm blind.
Karen: And you know that I'm not an idiot. Okay, um Let's say this. When, or if, you ever feel like you can tell me what's really going on with you I promise that I'm here. Is that a deal?
Matt: That is a deal.
Karen: Good.
Karen: I'm gonna get back to Foggy. You know he hates prepping cases alone.
Matt: Right.
Karen: Uh, if you need anything at all
Matt: No, I won't.
Karen: you just let us know, okay?
Matt: Okay, thanks. Thank you for coming around.
Karen: Wait, Matt, I, um We care about you. You're worth keeping around.

2x04 Penny and Dime
daredevil 2x04.jpg
Matt: I'm just about ready.
Karen: Okay. Uh, here, let me help with that.
Matt: Oh, thanks.
Karen: It's okay. Oh. Sorry. You okay?
Matt: Yeah. I'm just, uh recovering.
Karen: From what?
Matt: I don't really know the name for it.
Karen: But you're feeling better?
Matt: Yeah. Now. With you. Not that I can verify, but you seem good at this.
Karen: Uh, well, my brother wasn't, so that's where I came in.
Matt: You never said you had a brother.
Karen: Uh you never asked.
daredevil 2x04_2.jpg
Karen: I just I feel like there's gotta be more to the story.
Matt: I think you are...
Karen: Oh, my God, you think I'm insane.
Matt: I'm kidding. Compassionate. It's a good quality, Karen. Stuff of saints.
Karen: Yeah, well, I'm no saint.
Matt: I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that.
daredevil 2x04_3.jpg
Matt: Hey, are you okay?
Karen: Yeah. Okay, that wasn't convincing, was it? Um I don't know, I just, uh days like today remind me how precious life can be, you know?
Matt: What's your brother like?
Karen: Um Uh, he's sweet. He's a good brother.
daredevil 2x04_4.jpg
Karen: Do you mind the rain?
Matt: No.
Karen: Then I'll walk you home.
Matt: Can I take you to dinner?
Karen: Yes.
Matt: Tomorrow?
Karen: Yes.
Matt: Good night, Karen.
Karen: Good night, Matt.

2x05 Kinbaku
daredevil 2x05.jpg
Karen: I'm really sorry if I... I pushed it too far.
Matt: It's okay. I just Uh, I don't think you're wrong about Castle, but it's really simple, Karen. Just I don't want you to get hurt.
Karen: So, uh Last night.
Matt: Last night? I don't What happened last night? At Josie's? With Foggy? You... Did something happen?
Karen: Yeah.
Matt: Anything else? I don't... Yeah?
Karen: Yeah, it was great.
Matt: And I like to think I can do better, if we're still on for dinner.
Karen: Uh, yeah. It's a date.
daredevil 2x05_2.jpg
Karen: Do you drink wine? I should know that.
Matt: I don't drink anything they don't serve at Josie's.
Karen: Yeah, well, I don't see swill on the menu. So how was...
Matt: So what did...
Karen: I'm sorry...
Matt: I was just gonna...
Karen: Uh, you go ahead. Go, go first.
Matt:How was your day?
Karen: Fine. Uh, yeah, just a regular day at the office.
Matt: Well, it's a nice change of pace, right? Not being shot at? That's gotta feel good.
Karen: Yeah. You, how's the, uh, new client?
Matt: Uh, yeah, um. Nothing I haven't seen before. I seriously doubt it's gonna pan out, but that's That's fine.
Karen: Okay, good.
Matt: Well, that covers work.
Karen: Uh, well, it's a start. Um, I'll be back in just a minute, um... Order something fantastic.
Karen: Hey. Everything okay?
Matt: Yeah, they ran out of wine.
Karen: Wait, seriously?
Matt: I don't I don't like this place, you know? [
Karen: Is it the place? Or is it
Matt: It's definitely not you.
Karen: You're sure?
Matt: Yeah. I'm positive.
Karen: Come on. I know where we can go.
Karen: Thank you.
Matt: Wow, this smells amazing. What is it?
Karen: Um Who cares? They have wine.
Matt: Right. That's You know, I've always felt more comfortable with the cheap stuff. You know?
Karen: Yeah? Well, here, I'll drink to that.
Matt: Cheap stuff.
Karen: Cheap stuff. You know, I never even had Indian food until a few months ago.
Matt: How is that possible?
Karen: Well, my hometown in Vermont had about 400 people, so the most ethnic food it offered was French fries.
Matt: So that's why you, uh, came to New York? For the for the food?
Karen: Uh, no. Although, if I knew places like this existed, I'd have left Vermont ages ago.
Matt: You see, that's why I love this city. I've lived here my whole life, and the place never stops unfolding new secrets.
Karen: Yeah, you know despite the crime, and the darkness, every once in a while, New York makes me feel Like
Matt: Safe?
Karen: Yes, is that weird?
Matt: Well – Huh. I get it.
Karen: I wish you could see this place.
Matt: I can, if you describe it to me.
Karen: So, anyways, my favorite part is the ceiling. So, it's literally dripping with thousands of lights. They're shaped like chili peppers which sounds really tacky, I know, but it's, um, it's not. Just It's magic.

daredevil 2x05_3.jpg
Karen: This is me.
Matt: Are you sure you don't live two more blocks? Maybe three?
Karen: I wish... We could sit.
Matt: Yeah. All right, I'm gonna kiss you.
Karen: You could come up if you like.
Matt: I would love to.
Karen: But you won't.
Matt: Not tonight.
Karen: It's okay.
Matt: Can I? Can I tell you why? Because I have this incredible ability to bring disaster to the best things in my life and tonight has been perfect. Don't you think?
Karen: Yes.
Matt: And if I stop now, then I get to keep this one perfect night. And also have the chance of keeping it going tomorrow. And the day after
Karen: And the day after that... And the...
Matt: Exactly.
Karen: Then I guess it's good night – Mr. Murdock.
Matt: Good night, Ms. Page.

Stay tuned fort part 2... OMG I'm so excited!
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