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Daredevil [Matt x Karen] Season 2 Picspam Part Two (2x06 - 2x13)

SPOILER ALERT... Proceed with caution and at your own risk...

Here we are... Part 2... Where the honeymoon is officially over... But I was expecting it NOOOOO I WANTED IT TO LAST LONGEEEER... I was brief but good... I'm sure we'll have more next season... :D Expecially after what happened on the season finale... WOOOO!

I have to admit it has been hard to follow this season... The first one was so much better. I didnt't really liked Elektra and Frank until mid season and I'm not a fan of Dare Devil's new costume at all... But enough with the opinions... I'm not here for that... enjoy the picspam!

2x06 Regrets Only
daredevil 2x06.jpg
Foggy: Is this officially happening? Are you guys dating?
Matt: Uh, we're
Karen: Uh, we Um Not not labeling it. You know, why don't I Why don't I walk you out? You think he'll be okay? With this? Yeah, I mean, it's a pretty small office.
Matt: It's gonna take some getting used to.
Karen: Yeah, I guess.
Matt: But I'm not misremembering, am I? It really was the best curry on the planet? Mmm, yes.
Karen: Great, great curry. Even better company.

2x07 Semper Fidelis
daredevil 2x07.jpg
Matt: Karen You know you don't have to do this by yourself.
Karen: It's okay. Castle doesn't scare me.
Matt: Maybe he should.
Karen: I can take care of myself.
Matt: I know but I'd be saying it to Foggy. Or a Navy SEAL. Just watch your back.
Karen: Promise.
daredevil 2x07_2.jpg
Matt: You ever consider law school?
Karen: Oh, I don't know.
Matt: Well, Foggy and I know a lot of good people at Columbia. I mean, if it's even something you want. Just thinking Nelson and Murdock might be more fun as Nelson, Murdock and Page.
Karen: You're you're sweet. Uh I don't know. I don't know if law school's really the right fit for me. Um I guess there's just something about the rules and the loopholes. It just feels like the truth gets lost a little too often.
Matt: Well, not every case will be The People v. Frank Castle.
Karen: Right, right. But, you know, it's not just this case. You ever think back to the night we first met?
Matt: Yeah, all the time.
Karen: While I sat in that police station alone. I was afraid of the whole world. Well, at least, until you and Foggy came into my life and You trusted me. You gave me hope. And then we came back to your place.
Matt: I offered you Thai food.
Karen: God I remember everything about that night, 'cause it's not every day your life is threatened then saved by a man in black.
Matt: Hey, you You believe in what he does? You know, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

2x08 Guilty as Sin
daredevil 2x08.jpg
Matt: Um, let's, uh... et's go somewhere.
Karen: No.
Matt: Why? So we can talk.
Karen: I don't want to.
Matt: I know this looks crazy, but it's really not.
Karen: It doesn't It doesn't matter.
Matt: Karen, I'm so sorry about...
Karen: Uh, Foggy wants to walk through some things with you.
Matt: Karen, can I talk to you for five seconds, please?
Karen: I don't want to hear another bullshit excuse! Maybe you are an alcoholic. Maybe you're in a fight club. Maybe you are sleeping with a whole harem of women. I don't care, I'm done.

2x11 380
daredevil 2x11.jpg
Karen: Matt.
Matt: Karen. What are you doing here?
Karen: Brett reached out.
Matt: Someone shot at you?
Karen: Yeah, it's it's okay. I'm fine.
Matt: Why didn't you call me?
Karen: Would you have answered? Look, Matt, I know that you mean well, but I can take care of myself.
Matt: No, you can't, Karen. Not if Frank Castle wants you dead. No one can.
Karen: You're right! You're right! Castle's dangerous, and maybe I can't handle this, but I don't want your help.
Matt: What's going on with you? What are you holding back?
Karen: Frank didn't do this, okay? Matter of fact, he saved me.
Matt: What?
Karen: He was at my apartment last night. And if he hadn't been watching the place, I'd be dead. Except the cops have it all wrong. Frank didn't kill Reyes. But whoever did knew that Frank would take the blame, and what do you know, every cop in New York City wants Punisher's head on a stick.
Matt: You told this to the police?
Karen: No.
Matt: Great! Lying to the cops. Smart, Karen.
Karen: But that's my problem, not yours. Frank thinks he can find this guy faster than the NYPD, and, honestly, I agree with him. He saved my life and he asked me for time. I I owe him that much.
Matt: Not saying I'm going along with this, but if Castle's not the shooter, who is?
Karen: Everything points back to the Central Park sting. That's where everything fell apart. What Reyes mentioned.
Matt: This Blacksmith?
Karen: Right. Frank has a source in prison. Turns out the DA was right, that the Blacksmith arranged the meet.
Matt: Why would the Blacksmith come after you?
Karen: I've been working with Ellison at the Bulletin.
Matt: Yep. Yeah, that'll be it. When when, when did this start?
Karen: Ever since the trial. When I was trying to find evidence for the Castle case. We were looking into the Central Park shootings, and I guess we're getting too close.
Matt: Then you need to back off.
Karen: No, Matt.
Matt: You need to back off! This is not a game, Karen. This is dangerous.
Karen: Right, well, so was working at Nelson and Murdock. The cops have offered me protection and I'm I'm taking it. So you don't have to worry. I'm I'm fine. Look, I'm gonna I'm gonna go.
Matt: I'm gonna come with you
Karen: No! Matt, I'm I'm not yours to protect.

2x13 A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen
Matt: Thanks for meeting me.
Karen: What am I doing here, Matt?
Matt: I, uh I have something.
Karen: No, I don't want it.
Matt: I have something that I need you to see. I'm Daredevil.

2x11 380
daredevil 2x11_2.jpg
Frank: The lawyer. Not the other one, uh Murdock.
Karen: He's got issues. It's complicated, like most people.
Frank: Hard person to get to know.
Karen: I just think that inside he's
Frank: You love him, right?
Karen: You can't know that.
Frank: I'm sorry, can't know what?
Karen: You can't...
Frank: Come on. We're in court, all that shit going on, it's all over your face. You can't hide that. You love him.
Karen: I might have feelings for Matt Murdock, but it's just it's a swirl, it's a lot of things. Like ingredients. It's not love.
Frank: Ma'am, can I ask you, do you guys always serve bullshit here - or is that just her, huh? I'm sorry. You were saying?
Karen: He's the kind of man who hurts people. Not like you, but he damages them. Breaks them.
Frank: Sorry, is that supposed to mean something? So those are the people that you get out of your life. Is that right? Look, I might generally be considered out of my skull, so this might not mean much, but this could be the craziest, most batshit thing I've ever heard in my life. People that can hurt you, the ones that can really hurt you, are the ones that are close enough to do it. People that get inside you and and and tear you apart, and make you feel like you're never gonna recover. Shit. I'd I I would chop my arm off right here, in this restaurant, just to feel that one more time for my wife. My old lady, she didn't just break my heart. She She'd rip it out, she'd tear it apart, she'd step on that shit, feed it to a dog. I mean, she was ruthless. She brought the pain. But she'll never hurt me again. You see, I'll never feel that. You sit here and you're all confused about this thing, but you have it. You have everything. So, hold on to it. Use two hands and never let go.

Any info about a possible season 3? 
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