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book review: out to lunch

Here I am again with another book review.
I'm posting this so late because I'm at work and it's as busy as hell (and when the owners are on board the internet for the crew sucks). Luckly the trip is almost over and tomorrow I'll be fly back to Fort Lauderdale. Home. Finally!

I started this book by Stacey Ballis right after I finished Man Walks Into a Room, but I did most of the reading on my flight to the Caribbean... I should have brought with me another book for the flight back tomorrow but I didn't think I would have had the time or the energy to read but this book was such an easy read that I've found myself holding it every time I had a break.

Out To Lunch wasn't as good as Man Walks Into A Room but it was enjoyable. If you are a foodie you would enjoy it for sure, and if you're not but you want something chill to read you might want to try it.

Out To Lunch

Originally published: 2013
Author: Stacey Ballis
Genres: Foodie Novel
(reading time: Mar 22 - Mar 29)
First I want to say I'm not a foodie... I mean, I'm Italian, ergo I like to eat, but I would not define myself as a foodie, I didn't even know there were books out there for this category of readers... When I picked up Out to Lunch at the book store, I was intrigued by what I read on the back cover and, when I've got to the point that said Wayne was a Star Wars fan, the book found its way into my shopping basket! (Wayne is my favorite character, just so you know xD).

This is the story of Jenna who has just lost her best friend and business partner Aimee. A couple of years before Aimee got sick, the two women sold their Event Planning company and made a lot of money. While Jenna is single, Aimee was married to Wayne, a geeky clumsy guy obsessed with Star Wars and with a brain full of silly business ideas. When Aimee dies she leaves a letter to Jenna asking her to take care of her husband, and puts her in charge of his finances for a year. Jenna is not thrilled by her friend request, she's not a big fan of the guy, but decides to grant her best friend her wish. While things with Wayne don't go that well, Jenna starts dating her lawyer Brian who seems to be into the relationship just for the money (but we never actually find out), Jenna is not really into the guy so - when they break up on S. Valentine's Day she's all but heart broken. She starts hanging out more with Wayne and his friend Elliot and she begins to understand why her best friend loved her husband so much (mostly thanks to Elliot who helps her open her eyes) and - in the process - she falls for Elliot. Throughout the book Jenna keeps talking with Aimee, who acts like her conscience, giving her advices about how to deal with certain situations. In the end Jenna finds in Wayne a friend and a business partner (they start a company that create theme parties for geeks) and finally the love she deserves in Elliot.

I liked the book but I'm going to give it just 3 stars. As I found the characters very likable (the positive ones, so basically everybody except for Brian) it was very predictable at times...

It was pretty obvious how things would have ended for Jenna with Wayne and then Elliot and, throughout the book, I kept waiting for *that* part... The conflict... But it never came... The characters were too nice, especially Jenna, and some reactions were unrealistic. Wayne was way too clumsy and way too often, Jenna never lost it (she did once and I waited for the whole book for Wayne to say something) Elliot was too perfect: a geek gentleman with loads of money who likes to cook and is a great friend... WOW, where do I sign? I mean my husband is pretty amazing but this guy here is hitting all the right spots xD and than there is Brian. No one likes Brian in the book, everyone thinks he has another reason to hang out with Jenna but, in the book, there isn't a part where the reader finds out the truth.

There were a lot of missing moments and the Voix was quite annoying when she went on an on saying she was dead in every possible way, but the story was good at the end of the day.

It cracked me up when at a party Elliot introduces Nathan Fillion to Jenna and Wayne and then they hire him later for another party. Also, when Jenna goes at the San Diego Comic Con (lucky bitch) she goes to the panel with JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon... OMG!

Anyway... Stacey Ballis definitely knows how to describe a situation, an outfit or a dish!

On the back cover and I totally missed the part where it says "includes recipes" which was a nice surprise.
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