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Movie review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016 (Spoiler)

Last night was movie night, so Eric and I went to the IMAX theatre to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
I have to say I'm more of a Marvel kind of girl... and I'm not a huge batman fan... and I wasn't exactly impressed when I saw Ben Affleck in the new massive suit... but I really enjoyed the movie.... Even more than Man Of Steel.

I think there were some parts that weren't exactly awesome but overall a pretty good movie!

  • I liked A LOT the opening sequence. The whole editing was fantastic and it put me in the right mood for the whole movie... Plus LOL at Jeffrey Dean Morgan than DIES AGAIN. I just can't deal with it... HE.ALWAYS.DIES on everything... I'm beginning to think he just audition for movies/shows where he knows he's going to die... And I think he does it for fun because HE'S NOT IN THE CREDITS!!! Probably the 100th death was free!

  • The first thing I said to Eric was "Oh, that's curious... Superman's mom is a Martha too... What  a coincidence..."

  • I loved the dream sequences... ALL of them... They were unexpected and felt quite real because after all it's a movie about super heroes so I can picture a kid flying with the help of a group of bats, or aliens/military weapons with wings... And there were a lot. That made the movie somehow more deep than just punches and kicks.

  • I was glad there were less Battlestar Galactica zoom in/out effect because in Man of Steel it was a little bit too much!

  • Jeremy Irons is my spiritual animal and I just enjoy watching him on my screen (or the movie theater' screen)

  • Lois and Clark in the tub <3 or Lois and Clark in general... I need to watch again The New Adventures of Superman... So many feels!

  • I'm not happy with Aquaman and the Flash... I wanted the Flash to be Grant Gusting from the CW show. I loved so badly when in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. they resuscitated Coulson and they used the same actor... I would have loved for that to happen here too... Also in Supergirl (CBS) when they show Superman from far away the guy could TOTALLY be Henry Cavill... But the Flash kind of explained already that there are different time lines with different speedsters... And this means Arrow may not get played by Stephen Amell in the cinematic universe... SO SAD!!!

  • I didn't like the whole "Oh your mom's name is Martha? Get out of here... Mine too... Now we are BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!" Seriously WTF? They bonded over that? I mena I understand they bonded over the fact that Superman is "human" but COME ON the scene is pretty ridiculous.

  • Do you think that when Wonderwoman went through security at the airport the guards stopped her and questioned her about the outfit and the weapons she was carrying with her?

  • And the end was kind of a mess... The beginning super cool but the end... Too many scenes, one after the other... I kept thinking "oh this is going to be the last scene" but instead CUT, NEXT... It kind of gave me anxiety.

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