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Book Review: One Evening in Paris

I've finished another book!
Baby I'm on fire! \o/
I have to admit I was in a rush to start and finish this one because, when I've finished Razor's Edge 3 days ago, I already had in my grasp another Star Wars book I really wanted to read (Honor Among Thieves by James S. A. Corey), but I promised myself to interval books for some mysterious reasons, so I picked up One Evening in Paris by Nicolas Barreau because the chapters were very short (short chapters make me read faster) and I was in a romantic mood. (After all that Han and Leia UST). While I was reading outside in the sun, I received a package with Claudia Grey's Bloodline, so now I have to start this one. This puts Honor Among Thieves further from my grasp but I think I can read this book and the next one pretty quickly...

One Evening in Paris by Nicolas Barreau

Originally published: 2014
Author: Nicolas Barreau
Genres: Romantic Novel
(reading time: May 2 - May 5)
This book is a romantic comedy set in guess where Paris in our times, but it has that sense of timeless romance you can probably get only from stories settled in France or in Italy.... maybe it's also because the main character - Alain - is the owner of an old Cinema who loves old movies...

Alain is a desperate romantic who falls in love with a mysterious girl who comes to his Cinema (Cinéma Paradis) every Wednesday night. After 4 months Alain finally asks the girl out and they have a very romantic evening. Mélanie has to go away for a week right after their date, but she promises she'll be back by Wednesday, so they decide they're going to meet there, at the Cinéma Paradis, where everything has started. A couple of days later Alain finds, standing outside his Cinema's door, a famous American Director and a French Actress. They want to shoot a scene from their last movie in Alain's Cinema because Solène, - the actress - when she was young, used to go to that Cinema with her family and she feels a strong connection to the place. Alain accepts the offer and becomes friend with the director and the actress. But you know who always follows around famous people? Yes! Paparazzi. So Alain and Solène end up on the cover of some gossip magazine. Wednesday comes, but Mélanie doesn't show up so Alain start his search for the girl in the read coat. The search goes on and on for weeks, and it seems he's close to find her so many times, until he puts together the pieces of a very complicated puzzle. Mélanie and Solène are sisters and they have some unsolved business. Solène stole Mélanie's first love and seeing the photo of her sister with her new love crushed the sweet girl. But in the end everything ends well... the two sisters are reunited and Alain can be reunited with his love.

A very easy read. I'm surprised it was written by such a young guy. Sometimes I forget there are still romantic souls out there that can actually fall in love at first sight. One of my best friend mrbartleboom , is actually one of them, but I always thought he was the last of the romantics... I'm glad he's not alone in this World and I hope he'll soon find his Mélanie.

If you have a Goodreads Account HERE's mine. Friend me so that I can get some books ideas, because if I keep reading this fast I'll run out of books pretty soon!
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