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I'm bored so let's meme

Okay, I'm not exactly bored... I actually had a very nice day at the beach reading Bloodline... The weather today was just perfect, breezy and not too hot! I'll probably go down to the beach front tomorrow too! I still have 100 pages to read :D

So I was checking my friend page and I saw this on dine7184's journal and I thought: why not?

HERE you can find my list of fandoms to make it easier for you :D

Comment with a fandom (or more than one) & I'll answer

  • The character I least understand

  • Interactions I enjoyed the most

  • The character who scares me the most

  • The character who is mostly like me

  • Hottest looks character

  • One thing I dislike about my fave character

  • One thing I like about my hated character

  • A quote or scene that haunts me

  • A death that left me indifferent

  • A character I wish died but didn’t

  • My ship that never sailed

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