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Picspam: Cameron x Kirsten [Stitchers - S2] Part 1 of 2

Yesterday evening I was waiting for episode 8 of Stitchers to appear on my screen (WHY 10 PM Freeform? WHYYYYYY?) so I decided to start working on a picspam because why not?  I was planning to finsh it this evening but the weather is not that good today so I ended up finishing it this morning.
This is the first part of the picspam.
It covers from Episode 1 to Episode 5.

2x01 - 2.0
Ayo: Chelsea, time.
Chelsea: Time of death, 17:31.
Kirsten: No! What are you doing? What are you doing? Shock him again! Shock him again! He is not dead. I can feel it. He wants to come back. Please, please just shock him again. Shock him.
Maggie: Do it.
Ayo: Clear! (flatline)
Kirsten: No, no. (whimpers) Cameron, no. No, Cameron! No! No! Please! (sobs) Please! Cameron! (sobs) No. (gasps) Cameron? Cameron? I can't believe this.
Cameron: Please... tell me you got the license plate number.
Kirsten: No. No, I didn't. (sobs)
Cameron: Well, that's too bad... 'cause I'm not doing this again.
Kirsten: It's okay. (chuckles) Cameron.

Kirsten: Cameron? Do you remember anything from the stitch?
Cameron: I had a dream that you were, um... an angel and I was a... hero. (chuckles) What'd you see when you were in my head?
Camille: Linus, may I see you in the hallway?
Linus: I want to hear. Ouch! O... okay, okay. (door closes)
Cameron: What'd you see?
Kirsten: I saw... It can wait.

Kirsten: Cameron?
Cameron: Morning, sunshine!
Kirsten: Um, what... Uh, how are you feeling? I feel great! Yeah, doctor said I'm good to go. Apparently death agrees with me.
Cameron: You okay?
Kirsten: Yeah.
Linus: No, she's not. Go ahead. Tell him. Tell him what? She's been feeling a little emotionally raw since the last stitch.
Cameron: Emotions? As in those things you don't normally feel?
Kirsten: Mm-hmm. If it's okay, I would like to talk to Cameron.

Kirsten: You know, whatever crashed in my head when he did that... it cut me off from my emotions, right? I think that stitching into you rebooted me.
Cameron: I guess it's possible. I mean, stitching into a live person broke you, so stitching into another live person fixed you.
Kirsten: Right, but you were dead.
Cameron: I was only mostly dead.
Kirsten: I was really scared, you know. Seeing you like that. I have never been scared like that before.
Cameron: Hey, but scared is sometimes good... unless it becomes the new normal. In which case, that's no way to live.

Kirsten: Do you feel that?

Kirsten: We met when we were kids.
Cameron: What?
Kirsten: We met in the hospital. I was there. It was right after my mom's accident, and... you were there for your heart surgery.
Cameron: I have that memory? Wow.
Kirsten: I mean, I don't remember much before my dad stitched me. Are you sure you don't remember?
Cameron: I mean, I was in and out of that hospital for weeks at a time. And there... there was so many kids my age. Did we... did we talk?
Kirsten: Yeah. You told me my mom was gonna be okay.
Cameron: Sorry I was wrong.
Kirsten: No, it's okay. You were very sweet to a scared little girl.

Cameron: I died for you. What... why would I lie now?
Kirsten: Everybody has their secrets. Maggie, Turner, Camille... Why not you?
Cameron: Tell me one thing I kept from you.
Kirsten: Cameron.
Cameron: No. You were inside my head. What secrets did you see?
Kirsten: I didn't see anything.
Cameron: I guess you're right. Everyone's got their secrets.

2x02 - Hack Me If You Can
Saleswoman: You guys are the hottest couple ever.
Kirsten: Oh! Actually, we're not...
Cameron: We're not sure if this is the right bike for us. Right, Pumpkin?
Kirsten: Actually, I didn't even know that shnookums wanted a motorcycle until he died last week.
Saleswoman: You did what now?
Kirsten: But lucky for muffin I was there to save him.

Haker: Do you and Cameron have a ship name yet?

2x03 - The One That Got Away
Kirsten: Oh, my God, listen. If you want a mojito, order it yourself.
Cameron: Yeah, I can't do that. Thank you. This is a cop bar. You're the girl.
Kirsten: Yes, I'm the girl.
Cameron: Whatever.
Therapist: You two are partners?
Kirsten: Uh... Yeah, professionally.
Therapist: It goes way beyond that. Look, it's my job to read people and I'm reading a lot of unresolved tension. (laughs)
Cameron: Yeah, tension? There's... there's no tension.
Kirsten: Yeah, we get along just fine.
Cameron: Sometimes we even like each other.
Kirsten: Sometimes.

Cameron: Kirsten, you know how I feel about you. You do. I know what you must have seen when you were in my head. And you... you might not feel the same way. Maybe you do. I... I hope you do. But... maybe you're just not ready. And that's all right.
Kirsten: I, Um... I've just been so... flooded... with all of these feelings... and emotions. And most people have their whole lives to learn how to deal with them, and I've only had, like, a few weeks. You know? So... I don't know how I feel. I... I don't know what I feel. You know, and I'm also... I'm trying to find my dad.
Cameron: You just need time. That's what you're trying to tell me.
Kirsten: It's... Is that okay?
Cameron: Yeah. For now it is. Okay? And if there comes a time where you know how you feel, just... just tell me. Okay, and we'll just figure out where we go from there. Okay?
Kirsten: Good night.
Cameron: Good night.
Kirsten: How do you feel?
Cameron: At peace.

2x04 - Two Deaths of Jamie B.
Kirsten: Ed Clark... he took care of me when my father left. He didn't have to, but he did, and I guess, um... (sighs) I guess in my way, I was grateful. But I never told him. You know, and now he's dead, so... I waited too long to tell him how I felt.

Cameron: Are you all right?
Kirsten: Cameron...  I don't think it's fair for me to make you wait.
Cameron: Are you saying there's no reason for me to wait?
Kirsten: No, I'm saying that... I don't want things to be awkward between us and I want to protect our friendship.
Cameron: Is that what I am? Your friend?
Kirsten: No. You're my best friend.

2x05 - Midnight Stitchers
Cameron: Come on, Stretch. Remember what you told me? You told me not to wait for you. Well, that... that's exactly what I'm gonna do, all right? I'm gonna wait right here as long as it takes until you're able to break free from this, okay? I know you can hear me. And I know how strong your mind is, okay? It's one of the strongest minds that I have ever met. Remember when I died for you? Well, I'm willing to do that again, except this time, you won't be able to bring me back. Now, come on, Stretch. You still got work to do. Make the bounce.

I have to admit I'm impressed with the ammount of great #Camsten moments we had this season so far... I really hope there's going to be a season 3 *fingers crossed*
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