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Binge Watching: The Night Manager

I must be one of the few people who started the show because of Hugh Laurie!
I obsessed over this guy for years, and House is the show that started everything for me. Before that I was just watching TV without paying too much attention... Never went on the internet looking for things like spoilers, music videos, fan fictions... Never knew what a fandom was and - damn it - I wasn't even able to read or understand english that well. So it was Hugh Laurie who gently pulled me into this world and I owe him a lot somehow.

The night manager is SO.GOOD and you don;t need me to tell you what it is about because you just need to watch it!

It's interesting how a lot of Movie Actors are moving into the Television kingdom... It kind of shoked me when I saw Bradley Cooper in Limitless and now Ewan McGregor is going to be on the 3rd season of Fargo? 0____0 I can deal with seeing faces as pretty as Ewan once a year on a big screen, but weekly? I don't know how I'll be able to survive xD

It always makes me laugh whan I watch a show with brits and I always spot the same people... Seems like they have like 12 actors in the UK xD And theyre all so bloody good! A part from Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston, there's Tom Hollander that for me is always going to be Mr Collins xD, Olivia Colman from Broarchurch, Tobias Menzies from Outlander (poor guy... it must sucks to be him because I think now he's stuck with the evil guy/creep role... I would never be able to see him as an hero in any show) and Jonathan Aris from sherlock... Plus David Harewood from Supergirl! Maybe one day I'll have David Tennant and Hugh in the same show... A girl could wish, right?

Talking about David Harewood I saw an interview with him where he said Hugh stayed in character pretty much the whole time, and it doesn't surprise me since I remember Stephen Fry, once, saying that when they were having dinner in the US, and he was filming House, he kept speaking with an American accent. It must have been extremely creepy to stay in that character though. I'm so proud of him (and I know it's weitd) but he's such an insecure person and I know he works so hard and I'm happy when he gets a role that allowes him to show the worls how good he is!

So go watch the Night Manager and not just for Tom Hiddleston (who's marvellous anyway) but do it for Hugh too!
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