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Book Review: The Miniaturist + Random rant about personal stuff

You can tell the TV season is over because I'm reading a book after another...
Truth is, I just want to read as much as I can before the husband gets here, because I know, that for these 2 weeks we're going to be together, I'll be spend all my time doing fun stuff with him... Then I'll have 2 more weeks of loneliness and then BACK TO ITALY (where he's based now) for a couple of months! YAY, I'll be able to see my family, my friends, and I'll have my hubby with me every day after 5 pm! I can't wait... I love Florida but I don't have a real life here yet. I lived and worked on the water, constantly moving for 4 years, and now that I stopped I finally feel like I can start live a real life again but these past few months have been complicated... it's difficult to go out and meet new people when you know your time is limited and after all you're still a sort of gipsy. I just have to get over it I guess... Next year will be different.

But this is a book review post, so let's talk about the book!

The Miniaturist

Originally published: 2014
Author: Jessie Burton
Genres: Historical Drama
(reading time: May 31 - Jun 3)
400 pages in 2 days... I just couldn't bring myself to put this book down, I needed to know what would have happened to Nella, Johannes and Marin.

It's difficult to talk about this book without revealing too much, so I won't try to... If you want to read this review be aware it will contain spoilers.

It's funny how - even if the book is titled "the Miniaturist" - we don't see much of this character. I would have like for her to talk to Nella in the end (so basically on the first chapter LOL) but it makes sense it went this way... It's better to leave the woman surrounded by mystery.

I loved every (main) character, even Marin when - in the beginning - is such a bit*h. And I even felt passionate about the "evil" ones like Jack, who I wanted to see suffer so badly from the first moment he showed up with the first delivery, and Johannes had that weird reaction to him (silly me I thought the guy would have ended up seducing Nella, instead he was already Johannes lover). For half the book I felt sorry for Fran to be married to a woman like Agnes, but then it was clear to me they deserved each others. As the miniaturist I only feel pity for him and the man he become.

The only thing I don't get is why Johannes goes back to Jack after he kills his dog and threaten Otto (and the whole family). Why? I think deep down Johannes was just tired and he had lost the will to live. He tries to defend himself at his trial but I think he's too disappointed. Disappointed by the people of Amsterdam and the Time he lives in, where you can be the best thing in the World, but if you're different you have to die. All the good you did doesn't matter anymore, you're "wrong" so you have to die... What a disgusting concept. I loved how - in the end - a random man says" He was one of our best merchants. We're fools".

I'm giving the book 4.5 stars (and not 5) because I wish there was more. I wanted to see Nella and Johannes' friendship go deeper, I wanted to hear Marin spill some secrets on her death bed (still... not saying a word until the end was totally in character) I wanted to know more about the relationship between Otto and Cornelia and I wanted more miniaturist stuff... All said the novel is great and it works also because it lacked of these things I wanted to read more about!

Jessie Burton did a great job with her first novel and I read online this book will be adapted for TV. I will most definitely watch the show and I'm very curious about the casting, since we know so little about how the characters look.

Can't wait for it... I hope it'll come out soon even if the last news is dated Jan 2015... and I can't wait for Burton's next novel!

P.S. I should make myself an icon more book related... This thing is driving me insane! :D
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