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08 June 2016 @ 11:22 am

Yesterday I went to attend my first Crossfit class. I had a Groupon valid for: unlimited 2 weeks morning classes for 10$ so I thought to go and check it out, and OMG I am so sore today! Getting up this morning was the most difficult thing ever!
I knew it after my 75 minutes lesson I would have paid the consequences of my actions, that didn't stop me from work super hard and push until the end... I've never worked out so hard in my entire life. I'm a runner and I do yoga daily, but Crossfit broke me. I loved it, but I can't go for my second class today... If I'm lucky I might be able to go tomorrow but I won't count on it too much!

During class it rained so, when I got out there were puddles on the street and a car passed by fast and splashed me... On a normal day, I would have been so mad, but when the dirty water washed my body yesterday after the class I was so happy! I think Crossfit broke more than just my body! LOL!
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Melissa Rose: It's all in my head_melodic_ on June 8th, 2016 03:32 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness, crossfit! I am so scared of it, haha. I'm fairly active: cycling, yoga, running but I never go to gyms and crossfit very much intimidates me. Maybe one day...

but go you for going for it!!

ut when the dirty water washed my body yesterday after the class I was so happy! I think Crossfit broke more than just my body! LOL!

HAHAHA that is amazing!
Ery-chan: Mood: Sassyerychan86 on June 8th, 2016 06:28 pm (UTC)
I had fun yesterday but today I feel drained and I can barely move... Yesterday afternoon I stayed plenty active knowing this was coming but I wasn't expecting to be like this... I've been sore after exercising in the past, but never like that... I'll probably forget about it and go again in a couple of days hoping I won't feel like this because the workout itself is good... It makes you feel good... You're using your body and you're pushing all of it! It leaves you satisfied... But I really don't like being so sore and feeling so tired on the day after... I feel like I'm wasting today... Even if outside its raining so is not like I can do a lot of things anyway...

I cycle daily because I live in Florida and it's mostly nice and flat here (if you don't mind the random bridges to cross the canals) and I don't have an American driving Licence (I don't want to drive here... I like to drive in my own country in Italy where we're all equally crazy XD) so my legs are strong... I bike hours and hours every day... I run every evening too so I'm surprised to feel so shitty...

If one day you decide to try 1. Don't push yourself too much on your first day 2. Go there prepared :)
Melissa Rose_melodic_ on June 8th, 2016 07:23 pm (UTC)
Haha good to know! I am certainly not that fit so it will be some time before I even attempt it but it's always good to go prepared!
Ery-chanerychan86 on June 9th, 2016 09:29 pm (UTC)
I'm not fit either... My upper body is not very strong because I don't do weight lifting.. I don't work on my arms at all and I should xD but I think that even a very fit person would feel sore after this kind of thing :D
orangerfulorangerful on June 12th, 2016 05:33 pm (UTC)
Did you go back??? Sounds insane but I bet after a few sessions, you'll be a fitness monster!
Ery-chanerychan86 on June 12th, 2016 06:08 pm (UTC)
I did't... Unfortunately I was sore for 3 days after it and now I started my period so there's no way I'm going now LOL! I'm not so sure I'll go because it's mostly about "weight lifting" than use your body as your machine... There was another girl there and she was shaped as a body builder... I can't see myself that way...
orangerfulorangerful on June 12th, 2016 06:18 pm (UTC)
3 DAYS?!?! Yowza, that is a bit much. LOL yes my period usually signals the end of my working out. I try to pull through it but it just makes it so much harder (though I have to say, we were walking the park in Universal when my period it and I think the exercise helped me get through it...or maybe I was just too busy fangirling to care).

Body builder shapes are scary. I'm less about building big muscles and more about just getting into better shape.
Ery-chanerychan86 on June 12th, 2016 06:25 pm (UTC)
And my husband (that is more into weight lifting) was sore for 3 days too... I can't do anything on these days I just want to eat my weight in sweets or cheese LOL!

Body builder shapes are scary. I'm less about building big muscles and more about just getting into better shape.
Same here.