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Yesterday I went to attend my first Crossfit class. I had a Groupon valid for: unlimited 2 weeks morning classes for 10$ so I thought to go and check it out, and OMG I am so sore today! Getting up this morning was the most difficult thing ever!
I knew it after my 75 minutes lesson I would have paid the consequences of my actions, that didn't stop me from work super hard and push until the end... I've never worked out so hard in my entire life. I'm a runner and I do yoga daily, but Crossfit broke me. I loved it, but I can't go for my second class today... If I'm lucky I might be able to go tomorrow but I won't count on it too much!

During class it rained so, when I got out there were puddles on the street and a car passed by fast and splashed me... On a normal day, I would have been so mad, but when the dirty water washed my body yesterday after the class I was so happy! I think Crossfit broke more than just my body! LOL!
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