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14 June 2016 @ 11:37 am
Book Review: The Winter People & The Violinist of Venice: A Story of Vivaldi  
The hubby brought home with him bad weather, so we ended up having to schedule our activities around the weather forecast, which tended to be wrong quite often. We found ourselves caught up in the rain while on our bikes more than once. Luckily, there's something you can always count on around here: A friendly Starbucks Coffee Shop every other block or so! And when I go out I always go prepared, so I always have a book on my backpack.

We spent a rainy afternoon at Barnes & Noble too (I like it there... It could be better, but it's the closest thing to La Feltrinelli they have here) and guess what? I bought another bag full of books even if I have plenty to read home thanks to my last 2 visits... The Violinist of Venice was one of them and WOW, what a book! But first, The Winter People:

The Winter People

Originally published: 2014
Author: Jennifer McMahon
Genres: Fiction / Paranormal / Mystery
(reading time: Jun 5 - Jun 11)
I usually don't read this kind of books. Creepy thriller with a touch of supernatural are not usually my thing, but I was draw to this one, and I'm glad I decided to go ahead and read it!

This is and haunting, amazing read. Full of mystery and suspense. Amazingly written. And the story is just perfect, every piece of the puzzle finds its right spot. This is the kind of book that's impossible to put down until you've reached the back cover.

I'm definitely going to be reading more from the same author soon, I saw another of her book on a shelve the other day but I ended up not buying it because I didn't want to jinx it. I want to get to the end of a book before buy more from the same author and this is the kind of book it can be easily ruined in the last few pages when everything gets together, but now I'm definitely going back and buy The Night Sister. (I can't stress it enough) she did a great job!

The Violinist of Venice: A Story of Vivaldi

Originally published: 2015
Author: Alyssa Palombo
Genres: Historical Drama/Romance
(reading time: Jun 12 - Jun 14)
Wow! This book was all that I expected to be and even more! I was looking for romance and I found myself swept in a world of music, secrets, history and wonderful character growth! What a wonderful book!

You know, they say never to judge a book from its cover? Well, this cover is so pretty that, when I saw it for the first time on a bookshelf, for a moment I didn't even care if the story was good... But it is! The story is fantastic! I've been to Venice because I've friends that live there (not in the city but close by) and the city, its people and its artists are something different from any other place in Italy. I grew up 5 hours of train from there, and when I first stepped among these streets I felt like I was moving around a timeless place where everything was protected in this bubble and untouched by the modern world!

This book made Venice, its people and one of the greatest artists of all, justice! I knew Vivaldi's story from school and I remember all the gossip about Anna Girò and I found very clever how Palombo decided to tell this story!

Adriana is a wonderful character from the beginning and her character growth is something brilliant! I can't wait to read more from this author, her next novel (her second one) is going to get published on April 2017: The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence: A Story of Botticelli and Look at the pretty cover here. I want to read this so badly!!! :D
Current Location: Venice
Current Mood: hyperhyper
Current Music: Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

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rhoda_rants on June 15th, 2016 12:20 pm (UTC)
I keep seeing The Winter People on the shelves here, and I always get curious about it, but I haven't picked it up yet. I love supernatural creepy things!

A word on judging books by their covers though--I mean, we all do it. You know you're not supposed to, but there's a whole industry out there devoted to making covers look good for a reason. An ideal cover should give you some idea of what the book's about--not the plot necessarily, but the genre, maybe the characters, the tone, something to tell you whether you want to pick it up and read/buy it. Same with titles, which are not always left up to the author.

Sounds like they accomplished their goals, in both cases!
Ery-chan: David Tennant (Photoshoot)erychan86 on June 15th, 2016 01:21 pm (UTC)
If you like supernatural creepy things the Winter People Is the book for you... I tend not to go looking for that kind of book unless I know it's very good... But I saw this one on a shelve and I liked the feel of the cover in my hands (looks like is not just the picture on a book that calls for me now LOL) and the description on the back sounded interesting. I didn't know anything about the author but I felt like taking a risk and I'm glad I did!

The story is solid, its narrative is good and flows (keeps jumping in time and we read the point of view of many characters) the characters are interesting... It's good... If you have time next time you go to the library/book store try to read the first few pages :)

The cover and the title (and the name of the author) are the things that make you pick up the book and then we reed the back... If the cover is pretty but the description is not that interesting the book stays in the store... What I don't like - when it comes to covers - Is when a book gets adapted for tv or cinema... They put the faces of the actors on the cover (to sell more) but I tend to go online and find another version of it because the book is the book and that's it! I don't want people to go around my library and say "oh I saw the show\movie" like they're picking up a dvd... :)