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21 June 2016 @ 04:11 pm
Random Post: Diary of a Coffee Lover  
You know when you say Italy people think oh, yes... Mafia, Pizza and Mandolino... I think it's outdated and not accurate to be honest...

Mafia... Maybe yes, but in the south, but I've never been further south than Rome unfortunately, so I don't know if it's actually an everyday thing... Definitely not something that acomunes all Italians. Pizza YES! Definitely. If you don't have pizza once a week you're either intolerant to good food or not a true Italian... They lied to you.. But Mandolino? I've never seen one... Can we change it with espresso? I think it's more accurate...

Now that I live in Florida I kind of gave up on pizza (I can hear the GoT nun ringing the bell and saying shame shame shame) because this is not the real thing, but I can't be without my coffee... The first thing I bought, even before getting the place I'm renting, was a coffee maker... I literally moved in with a suitcase on one hand and a coffee maker on the other one... I'm not messing around guys... I have a problem and I'm cherishing it!

Before the Nespresso maker I've tried every coffee shop around here, and every single one of them failed in delivering me what I asked: a simple espresso... Not more than a finger of coffee (I mentioned a finger in the orizontal position but the cultural gap made them measure the amount of brown gold in the vertical way) but the worst thing: they always burn it!!! So, in order to deliver to my body the daily intake of caffeine, I had to move into the Frappuccino realm... Even if I can't have it every day (because a frappuccino a day would be like telling your body "I don't care anymore" and it would force me to exercise more than I do) it's a nice threat once a week. A threat that remained even now that I have a nice home made espresso every morning and after lunch.

The other day Starbucks posted a photo of something called double double fudge bar frappuccino and I knew I had to try it...

It has been 2 days now... I was checking the weather forecast after lunch to be sure (and both times it said 0% chance rain) getting myself together, get the bike ready to go and then, when I was about to step out, a storm... Not a little London Rain but buckets of water... I thought I saw Noah across the street and he waved, asking if I needed a lift...

Derek told me last year he saw a guy on a canoe on the street... ON.A.CANOE!!!

But today I didn't check. I took my bike and I went to my favorite Starbucks (5 miles from home) and I got myself my deserved frappuccino. And it was GOOD! OMG it's covered in chocolate shipper cream! Mr. Starbucks... You are a genius, sir! There are like 20 Starbucks between home and this particular Starbucks, but I'm still a crazy person, and I need to know I'm going to burn the calories I get into my body, and the best way is to go far away because eventually I have to go back home...

So, yes this was just a random post... Sorry for the rant... Going back to my book now... Enjoy your day everyone!!
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Ery-chanerychan86 on June 24th, 2016 12:31 pm (UTC)
Oh dear god, no, I didn't mean to give you an impression that it wasn't a good neighbourhood!
Oh I'm glad!!! I feel better :D

And I have friends in the area who are Italian migrants and its fantastic that we'd go into a restaurant and she'd order in Italian and the waiters/owners would reply back in Italian with a bright smile. Its amazing really, and I've grown quite used to the Italian restaurant owners hospitality. There was once I ordered a pizza takeaway at one of my fav pizza place, and because they were so busy, the staff kinda forgot about my order. When the owner found out that I was still there 20mins later, I got my pizza for free. :D
Food business = Serious Business... An Italian mother never leaves you unfed... As a owner to a restaurant you're like a mother xD

We don't do tips in Australia unless the service is EXCEPTIONAL
And that's how it should be! Here I have to tip a waitress who brings me the wrong salad twice and gets called a couple of times before showing up with my water. So crazy! So I tip and I never go back to the place...

Oh dear god, I'm now craving pizza... I might order some for dinner tomorrow night. A bit too late now and I'm too hungry to wait. All your fault, had me talking about food. Haha!
AHAHA same here. I went to an Italian restaurant last night because I was craving it so badly LOL!