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July monthly ask me anything question meme

I saw this on rogueslayer452 and I want to try even if I don't have a lot of active lj friends at the moment, but the ones I have are great and fairly new so it makes sense for me to do it!

So here are the rules:
- Pick any day (or more than one, go wild, I won't judge you) and ask any question I mean it... ask ANYTHING from fandom stuff to real life, don't be shy cause I'm not!
- Multiple questions are not a problem, I'm ready to open up people...
- Don't be afraid of asking on a day that's already filled, I need to practice my written english so you're only doing me a favor!

July 1st - What was your first fandom? verdande_mi
July 2nd - What was the craziest thing that has ever happened to you or that you witnessed in fandom (whether it's an encounter with another fan, debate, fandom drama, etc)? rogueslayer452
July 3rd - 3 random things you like about living in America orangerful
July 4th - 3 random things that drive you crazy about the U.S. orangerful
July 5th -
July 6th - What is one social issue that you're absolutely passionate about? rogueslayer452
July 7th - Favorite GoT character(s) and why? endeni
July 8th -
July 9th
July 10th - What is one superpower that you've always wanted to have? In addition to that, what is the main benefit of that ability, and what is the main drawback? rogueslayer452
July 11th -
July 12th - What is the oldest fandom you are still in? verdande_mi
July 13th - Harrison Ford's birthday! What turned you into a Harrison fangirl? (feel free to include photos...lots and lots of photos....) orangerful
July 14th - What happens to your books after you read them? thegrownupthing
July 15th - What's the most expensive present you have ever bought for someone else?thegrownupthing
July 16th - What are your favourite crisps (you can pick one for Italy and one for America if you want :))thegrownupthing
July 17th - What fandom do you find disturbing?thegrownupthing
July 18th - What is a place that you would never visit and why?thegrownupthing
July 19th - What is a food that you would never try and why?thegrownupthing
July 20th - 3 random things about Italy or Italians we should all know! orangerful
July 21st - If you could use the technology seen on Stitchers, would you be one of the engineer team members or could you handle the emotional and psychological aspects of being someone like Kirsten of stitching into the memories of the deceased? rogueslayer452
July 22nd -
July 23rd -
July 24th -
July 25th -
July 26th - What is one fandom that you would love to see a revival for? rogueslayer452
July 27th -
July 28th - Best thing to have happened to you so far this year? verdande_mi
July 29th - What are your thoughts on remakes/reboots? What are some key factors into making a successful and respectful remake? rogueslayer452
July 30th - In your opinion, what is an annoying trend in fandom that needs to stop? rogueslayer452
July 31st - What are your favorite kind of tropes in fiction? What are some tropes that you dislike? What tropes do you think we need more of? rogueslayer452
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