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July Ask Me Anything Meme, Day 3 (July 3rd)

July 3rd - 3 random things you like about living in America orangerful

Thanks for your question orangerful, it also comes in the most perfect moment, since I'm now in Italy and I feel home sick (I call America home when I'm here and Italy home when I'm there).

I love America, it is a great country, and I'm proud to be almost part of it. I can't wait to go through the Naturalization Process (2 years, 2 months and 20 days, but who's counting?) and I love how - now that I'm "on my way" - I'm starting to appreciate my birth country as well. So, here are the 3 things that I love, not in a particular order, and - as requested - completely random!

1. Free Wi-Fi everywhere. If you get lost and your phone doesn't have internet, you can step inside a Starbucks or any other place and access to their free wifi and get yourself sorted. It can sound silly but it's huge. You can't even imagine how many times I landed somewhere in Europe, freaking out because my flight was late and I had to run to get my connection, thinking "if I get stuck here how am I going to let my family/friends/colleagues (whomever was suppose to come and pick me up that day) know where I am? It happened way too many times (especially when was the Boat Purser the one to book the flights, always with less than an hour between them) or even when you get separated from your friends or one of them disappear and this person doesn't have credit on the phone, knowing that there are places with free wifi puts your mind at ease. (Also Starbucks there has this Google plan, and it's so fast I go nuts! On the boat we had a limited access and I every evening after 5 I would go to Starbucks to do my thing)

2. When you go grocery shopping you can find every kind of food, and some places are open 24/7. In Italy if you want to eat something not contemplated by the mediterranean diet, you can find it on a little tiny shelf in a far away aisle, where you can find just a couple of things. Like I can't find Salsa or Queso, I can't find ramen noodles, I can't find Sriracha Sauce, and I can go on and on and on. If in an American grocery store I wouldn't  be able to find an Italian items I would go nuts. I will be yelling in the middle of an aisle "WHERE IS MY DAMN PASTA?" (while the camera slowly walks away from me picturing a perfectly dramatic scene). I'm glad I don't have to deal with it. Every country and every food is well represented. Plus: coupons <3

3. People are nice, and seems to care about you. It also drives me insane, because I want people to be nice toward me when they want to be nice... but it's great not to have deal with rude people all the time!!!

I bet that if I think about it I can came up with something more profound and meaningful, but you asked for random... :D
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