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July ask me anything meme - day 6 (July 6th)

For July 6th, rogueslayer452 asked What is one social issue that you're absolutely passionate about?

I'm very passionate about a lot of things... There are topics I can go on and on about for hours... But tend not to talk about important issues on social networks... I'm not the kind of person that would fill her Facebook with links about cruelty to animals, the fact were fucking up our planet, the cost of education (not even that good education) but that doesn't mean I don't care about this things... I just want to avoid to have a Internet fight... I rather being able to punch my enemy in the face... Kidding! I'M KIDDING... My upper body is way too weak for me to even think about it, LOL

One social issue I'm very vocal about right now, is the cost of health insurance in the US and the whole fucked up system. But just because it touches me directly, and I have a problem with the fact that I have to pay a company that sees me as a bag with the dollar sign on it... To them I'm not a person but an opportunity to get rich... But that's a recent thing..

The social issue I'm more passionate about is the false equality of the LGBT community. I'm heterosexual but I have many friends who are gay and bi and just the thought they can be hated/mistreated or threaded in a lesser way than me just because of who they LOVE made me angry and sad in equal measure. Some people think that now that gay marriage is legal everything is fine, but there is such a long way to go... If I rationalize I can understand (I don't accept it and I never will)every kind of hate. I can understand (I really have to force myself) how people can think their God is the right one and other believers are wrong. I can understand hate due to something perceived as an injustice as in "why is that guy better than me just because he was born in that particular country?" But, I can force myself to try as much as humanly possible, I'll never be able to understand how someone can hate someone else because of whom he decides to love. WHY?

I worry because this is what I do, and I hate thinking that my friends, my family and people I don't know, are bullied, killed, hated, avoided,... Just because they have a heart that needs to find its other half!

I hope the next generations are going to become smarter, kinder and more compassionate because there is no difference between anyone of us... Unless we decide so...
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